How many posts are there on blogs as opposed to message boards?

How many posts are there in the blogosphere and boardscape? Here are some napkin estimates I’ve made based on the latest State of the Blogosphere (now called State of the Live Web) from Technorati’s Dave Sifry and some statistics from BoardTracker.

According to Dave, there are some 230 million posts that use tags. This accounts for 35% of all posts, which leads one to a figure of 657 million posts on the blogosphere (at least those that Technorati tracks). However, this does not include comments.

BoardTracker, the largest message board search engine, estimate that there are over 3 billion discussions and about 50 billion posts on message boards. A discussion “thread” has on average 16 replies.

Accounting for comments in blogs (and I am unaware of any average figures for comments on blog posts as opposed to message board threads), this could bring the number of blog discussion entries (starter posts and comments) to about 10 billion posts and comments.

So the boardscape is roughly 4.5 to 5 times bigger than the blogosphere. Of course message boards have been around for longer than blogs, but they are interesting figures nonetheless…


2 thoughts on “How many posts are there on blogs as opposed to message boards?”

  1. to bring the number of posts on blogs from 650 to 10 billion, that would suggest a 16 comments per blog on average. This is however very far from reality as most blog posts get no replies at all. Indeed, the most popular blogs out there get few replies per post (sometimes even 50 or more) but this accounts for a handful of blogs.
    It is very safe to assume that the average comments/post is less that 1 (and even safe enough to assume it is less than 0.1). That would suggest that there are around 30-60M comments on blogs. It would be interesting to see actual study about the comments on blogs to verify the estimates I have put forth.

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