Sold my car…

20070612a.jpg …last night to a nice guy from Wroclaw. The car was a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta Pacific Diesel, and I had just put it for sale on Car Zone on Friday. It was in good condition with a new NCT and quite low mileage for its age, so I had a lot of calls and texts from six or seven people who were very interested. Got some e-mail queries as well, but they sounded less serious…

I am sad to see it go (despite it almost being “the most bogger car” ever according to a guy on P45!), but I had it for 10 years so you do grow attached. Luckily, the new owner seems to have a talent for maintaining and restoring Volkswagens, so I know it has gone to a good home.

Now to get a new car! I’m looking for a Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, 2001 or 2002…

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1 thought on “Sold my car…

  1. It is the most bogger car ever! Volkswagen Jetta diesels always seemed to be farmer favourites. I’m buying a new model Civic myself, I fell in love with the starship enterprise dashboard 😉

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