Latest news from Patrick Tilley, author of "The Amtrak Wars"

Got a very interesting comment from Patrick Tilley, author of “The Amtrak Wars” amongst other things, which I am re-quoting below for a wider audience:

Just came across your website and wanted to thank you for your sympathetic review of The Amtrak Wars – and all the readers who posted comments.

You might call this a blast from the past. To end speculation, I am not dead and am still writing. True, this July I will turn 79 but the brain still works and, as long as there is breath in my body, Book Seven is still a runner – along with Eight and Nine.

The original scheme was for 12 books but to my great regret I let things silde. Life intervened…”Event’s, dear boy.” as MacMillan reportedly said to explain why things didn’t go as planned during his premiership.

I think three books will see me out – and make everybody happy.

Warmest regards to the fans of Amtrak everywhere – Patrick Tilley
(Him wot rote ’em all…)

Great to hear from you Patrick, and I’m looking forward to this, as I’m sure many others are! (For those of you who haven’t read “The Amtrak Wars”, I have an old review. This site was named “Cloudlands” in June 1997 after a location in Amtrak, and my online nickname “Cloud-Warrior” or “Cloud” for short comes from a character in the series.)

43 thoughts on “Latest news from Patrick Tilley, author of "The Amtrak Wars"”

  1. Wow, excellent news! Both that Patrick is still writing, and that he’s commented on your site 🙂

    I am a big Amtrak Wars fan and really looking forward to what’s next! People don’t mention this one a lot, but Fade-Out was one of my favourite hard science fiction novels.

    OT: John, check out my new site – finally got my business up and running! 🙂

  2. Well I’m half way through book 6 now. Didn’t know of the amtrak wars till about a year ago and living in abroad they proved a little harder to get. Would love it if there was another 3 books to come out and I know a few other people who would too!!

    Here’s keeping my fingers crossed..

  3. man, its awesome to know that there is another book,possibly 3,ive been waiting for this for over 10 years,im still surprised that they hav’nt turned the books into movies yet,lets hope that we don’t have to wait too long.

    thanks patrick.

  4. This is great news – if it happens. I inherited the amtrak wars books when my father in law died and have so far read 1-5. In the process of hunting our local book store for 6 now. It wold be great if there were three more.!!!

    My fingers and toes are crossed.

  5. Thanks Patrick, I’m so looking forward to reading book 7. It’s the best series of stories that I have ever read and I’ve never since felt so close to the leading characters in any other story.

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
    David Madders

  6. Great things come to those who wait, and wait and wait.

    Cheers for this Mr Tilley, A great gift you are offering.


  8. The possibility of further additions to the amtrak wars saga has me on tenterhooks. I’ve read the series 5 times and still hope that Steve can make good his escape before the end. Gripping imaginative and at times humorous. I read around 50 books a year and this series is my favourite of all time.

  9. There is a fan-group for the Amtrak Wars and the related feature films on facebook

    if you want to help bring the series onto the big screen and read the next 3 volumes then help spread the word.

  10. i hope the next set of books explains more about the rest of the world (like mohan says) as well as the possible civil war that is going to engulf the federation, with amexico already knocking off first family and a certain line in the talisman pro which suggest possible infighting it seems like a interesting way to give the mutes some breathing space allowing the ‘bad’ federation to get killed off and a union formed between the ‘good’ federation and the mutes, possibly again the iron master or someone else- for are they more all mo-towns children lol

    its really great to see that mr tilley is is aive and well and writing still. cant wait for the next set of books as i didn’t like the way the last booked ended it did seem to be a sort of ‘why? that cant happen to brickman’ moment (in protest at that i went and started reading fantasy lol). a film would be brilliant though i wouldnt be too shocked if it was the greatest film as film based books often seem a bit rushed or poor quality compared to the litery work.

    what is the lastest information on the next book and the film (done by fresh film i think it was)? as while mr tilley’s post is quite recent, it is now 6 months later and i cant find new information.

  11. 3 more Amtrak books is fantastic news. I had an unfinished feeling for years after book 6. It sort of finished in a hurry and definitely left the series hanging in mid air. I even thought that maybe Patrick Tilley had died and someone else had hurriedly completed it. Great to hear he is still alive and kicking. I do hope however that Patrick Tilley hurries his writing as neither he nor I am getting any younger and I would like to leave this earth seeing this series completed.

    Go Patrick !

  12. At last we get to find out how Clearwater and her baby destroys the 1st family and the Federation.

    ps bad news george downie steve and roz are both dead.

  13. Its fantastic news but the news is becoming old just like Patrick. Does anyone have anything else to update. Why doesnt Patrick or his publisher come out and say something, why does it have to be so hush hush. How much longer do we have to wait for cloudlands sake.

  14. been waiting18 years for new books on amtrak was thinking 10 years ago YES book 7 when local liberary had details of book 7 including the ISBN number… but nothing came of it.
    when steve got killed i went “huh” you cant kill off the hero that you have been building up for 6 books 10 pages from the end
    I have all 6 including3-6 signed when he came to andromeda.
    still waiting still caring

  15. If What you posted is true, Then its the greatest news I have heard EVER, I am a great fan of Amtrak, 18 years is a long time to find out about Cadillac, Clearwater and Steve’s Children. Amtrack Is the greatest action sci fi i have ever read and i have read alot. I CAN NOT WAIT THIS IS GREAT!!!!

  16. 😛

    hi again….

    i really hope mr. tilly will bring us another part (7) of the amatrak wars series. any news on it ? i tried to contact him via his website but there was no response 😐

    plz excuse my weird english… it not my native language.

  17. Stumbled across this blog at random. Was a big fan of the Amtrak Wars back in the day and it’s good news that we may (finally!) see the continuation. Had to post this news to my blog to see if there’s more fans out there.

    Weird coincidence that I just moved back to the UK after spending a year in Galway. Great place to live and work, missing it already.

  18. Hi all, just wanted to add another voice of encouragement to Mr Tilley if he’s reading this. It’s been a long time but I still hope to see a conclusion to the series one day…

  19. Wow just found books 1-6 during a recent move and got hooked yet again, another trilogy, movie, anything, it would be great to see the completion of a terrific saga. As for the movie rights, just remember the Matrix………

  20. I have just finished reading the entire Amtrak Wars series all 6 books for the 4th time since they were 1st published in the 80’s and I suspect like many others I immediately turned to the web for any news on book 7.
    Every time I have read the series I have had tears in my eyes reading the last 30 odd pages. Not only is this one of the great SC-FI series of all time, but the only one to engage me on an emotional as well as an intellectual level.
    I hope that Patrick Tilley can complete the final 3 books, but I would understand if he didn’t, they are of such a high standard that to follow up with something you are not entirely comfortable with would undermine what has come before. I’m sure we can all think of a cinematic SC-FI series that did just that. Also in a strange way its good that we don’t have all the answers, and have filled in the possible Talisman scenarios ourselves. So whilst I long for the resolution to the series, I know what I have and I know I will continue to return to it, and as much as I want more, I don’t want them completed in a manner that tarnishes something that is truly special!

  21. I met Patrick Tilley in London when I lived there and to my pride, have my first few Amtrak Wars paperbacks signed by him. I also have two precious copies of the artwork book. I’d LOVE to read book 7…. and every other one thereafter, even after all this time, I still pick them up and re-read them, they are my absolute favorites.

    None of us are getting any younger, but I will wait until Patrick is ready to write again, but now with more hope in my heart.

  22. So glad to find this blog. Fade Out and The Mission were the best two books I ever read. Also enjoyed the Amtrak Wars, the most credible sci-fi ever. If only they would even think of making a movie on any of Tilley’s books. I await Amtrak Wars book 7 with great anticipation! I am desperately trying to find a copy of The Mission, cos I lent it to someone ages ago and never got it back. I read it 3 times, it was so amazing. Could anyone tell me where to get a copy? I, unfortunately, live in South Africa. Lizzie

  23. I have felt that the ending of book 6 left a mighty hole in my reading expirience, there had to be more, an ending that left you in a world of understanding and peace amoung the divergant people, Maybe?
    Cannot wait for the possible 3 concluding books as I am well and truly hooked, as hooked as reading the Millium series, which did have a great ending.
    Pls, Pls let me know when these other books by Patrick are available, as they are as adictive as chocolate, Cannot wait for the next bar.

  24. Anyone else feel that this may never be concluded? A real disapointment for fans of the books who need that closure! I remember these being one of the first books I read as a child and aged like a fine wine with me.

    If Mr Tilley does read this, I would just like to thank you for the joy which I’ve had from these books. Man and boy.

  25. Wow, what a find discovering all these people who feel exactly the same way I do about Amtrak Wars, my all time favourite books. I too would LOVE to read more about, well, anything to do with this story.

    I know the ending sucked for poor old Stevie, and I wish it had turned out different, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the ride. I also think the story would translate well to film, perhaps a mini-series more so than a movie.

    I am re-reading them for the umpteenth time and still find myself looking forward to some time with me and “The Chosen”.

    To Mr Tilley, If you happen to ever read this…
    Thank you so very much for your stories, they are much loved and cherished. I would love to read more about this wonderful world you created, but if that is not to be it will not ever disappoint me because of the pleasure I get from already having read the stories that we here all love.

    Thank you.

  26. If you are such fans of Amtrack wars and Patricks writing, you must get acopy of “Mission”.
    It was published in 1981 and is even more pertinent to the problems we face in 2008 as when it first came out.
    Its the only book that I wished was fact and not fiction although most of it is based on historical facts. I wont say anymore, just get a copy now.
    I’ve just re-read it again and wish it would be made into a film.

  27. Please Mr Tilley…PLEASE! I regard the ending of book 6 with the same weight and sould searching frustration as the question of the universe? How did it all begin, what does it all mean? What hapens next?

    Mr Tilley, You are the one person that can enlighten me on that last question because it relates to the Amtrak Wars. You have the power, you are the one. You have created this thrilling world with, weaved a gripping story, led me on an amazing journey which has left me breathless to the last page. And thats the tragedy, there is no end, there is no finality, I cant bring closure to this Amtrak world.

    Please Mr Tilley, give me the answer.

  28. Mr Tilley, and All the above fans….

    THANK YOU. Your Books are AWESOME, and have had a Direct impact on MY life, i’m sure as well as some of the above fans here.

    Mr. Tilley, Your writing style, the humor, detail, story and plots, are INCREDABLE..

    I hold Nothing back as i say YOU have written the BEST sci-fi books i’ve ever read. As many of your fans above have done; Ive reread the books(amtrack wars), many, many times.

    Starting when I was 14, my father and i read them. I’m now 38, and today just finished rereading the whole series again for the 5th time.

    I live where your books takes place, and I’m an airline pilot. EVERY day i fly over the places you describe, and Not a Single day passes, that I don’t look down at the ground below and think; ‘mr Snow died there’, or ‘that’s Brickmans home base’, etc….

    THANK YOU, Mr Tilley. Your Work is AWESOME. Thank you.

    Please, please, please, finish the next 3; ‘the Hall is rented, the band is playing…I’ts now time for YOU to dance (write the last 3 books)….’ WE are waiting..PLEASE…

    On a side note, Mr Tilley; my grandma turned a hundred yrs old 2 months ago, and still lives by herself in a Two story house. YOU my Dear Friend have just as many more left in you (years).. Please finish writing the last 3 books.. PLEASE…

    Your Sincere Friend & fan,
    (Denver, CO)

  29. Mr Tilley, sir i salute you on the finest sci-fi i have ever read! I 1st discovered your books in the library when i was 11, at the time it was a dreary summer and i had never read books much before. That summer turned out to probably be the best i ever had and coz of your Amtrak books i have an enduring love of sci-fi and in particular post apocalyptic books. I would so love to find out the end of the saga for it was evident that there was more to come and i must say i have tried over the years to make my own but i would never be able to do justice to what you wrote.

  30. Just wondering if you any any reason to believe that someone that signs their name as “Patrick Tilley” is the real deal?

    If this post makes it on to your page then you obviously do little to verify people’s identity… so why believe he would post such to your blog when the “official” website has no such teaser?

  31. I’ve just come across this web site after wondering what ever happened to Mr Tilley and the Amtrak Wars! i can honestly say that it is the best sci-fi i have ever read and i’m currently trying to reaquire the complet set, it’s such a shame that there has been no recent reprint ? The news that hopfully there will be three more instalments is fantasic though and i can’t wait to finally find out the conclusion of this epic, hurry up Mr Tilley we’re all waiting!!!!!!!!1

  32. I am in the process of finishing the series for the third for fourth time – which is how I cam to visit here. While I have not the enthusiasm of some reviewers, I would very much like another installment, Patrick Tilley is an excellent author.

    But just because I want another book does not make it so. The internet is full of people pretending to be other people, even security experts are not immune. ( eg: ). That gives ample reason for asking the question “why?”.

    Just saying that a posting came from “Patrick Tilley’s agency” is not exactly proof. I can find no independent confirmation, not even on the “official” website. The post is over 18 months old now, it’s credibility is dwindling. That is my: “why not?”

    Give me an independent source and I will be very happy to be proved wrong.

    (PS. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you posted my comment, thank you.)

  33. Good news!

    Mind you, I liked the ending of book 6! It was the most tense, most fantastic climax to a series I had ever read. But devestating too.


  34. Just finished the books and I must confess I thought book 6 was simply the last in the series, however It really felt like those last 3-4 chapters were rushed. Almost like he’d gotten to that point, suddenly realised he needed to end the series and just wrote off COLUMBUS as nothing special, Blew up the competition to Karlstrom’s bid for the presidency, killed the Brickmans, pulled out Talisman and had the child turn a blade of grass green to prove her claim.

    I actually liked the Epilogue in book 6 as an epilogue to end the series and pretty much leave the conclusion that the Federation would eventually be doomed thanks to Dark Star (Lucas). I didn’t mind not seeing the ultimate victory of the plainsfolk over the Federation and the Ironmasters but it really felt like there was ment to be some dark secrets about the nuke war to discover in COLUMBUS and some further conculsion to Karlstrom’s bid for control of the federation.

    *meh* if more book/s come out, I’ll be in line to get ’em.

  35. Thank you Mr Tilley!

    Its been a little while since I read the books (three times now) and each time I’ve loaned the collection out ultimately to never see them again. The last time I read the series was after I came across one of the books on holiday in a second hand book store. I read it again and was hooked. I tried to buy the series again only to find the series was no longer published in the UK, so it took a while… and I’ve loaned them out again, I just want others to appreciate how great the books are. For me book 6 provided closure, it seemed to wrap things up, but if more are published i’ll snap them up.

    The last I knew an Australian ompany had bought the rights (Fresh Films?), but the internet details are dead. I’m sure the books could potentially translate to a superb trilogy (or beyond!), so fingers crossed that it happens.. and is done well.

    Either way my sincere thanks to Mr Tilley for some of the best books i’ve read.

    P.S get Peter Jackson on side! (fingers crossed)…

  36. I’m sure the books will come one day, all goed things are worth waiting for ….

    I just wish someone would have the balls to make the movies before Morgan Freeman retires or gets to old to play Mr Snow

  37. We need some more entries…… and some more publicity for the books! Anyone got any good ideas?

    I’m still longing for books 7, 8 & 9. And Richard’s post for Morgan Freeman to play Mr Snow is simply awesome. Anyone got any suggestions for the others cast members?

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Tilley at a signing way back when, downstairs at Forbidden Planet and the memory hasn’t left me. A real gentleman who I will never forget.

  38. Read the books from numbers1 to 6, back when they were first released
    just found them all 6 in second hand book store (good fortune for me)
    read all again still a good set. where can i find books 7 8 9
    keep safe peter

  39. The Amtrak Wars series is my favorite set of books.Half way through book 6 at the moment, for the 5-6 time.Have a signed copy of book 6.Do you know if the film is going ahead in Australia,because I would do anything to be involved in some way.All the best,keep the surprises coming

  40. Just noticed pre sales for “Amtrack War Omnibus” it’s say Dec 2019 release anyone got more information on it.?

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