The State of #2

I’ve re-run our statistics gathering queries, and produced three new graphs showing’s growth in terms of users, posts and threads. Currently, has 111350 registered users, and 6931221 posts on 596763 threads in 671 forums.

User growth

Post growth

Thread growth

3 thoughts on “The State of #2”

  1. I’m actually surprised at the exponential growth, I would have thought it’d look different, i.e. constrained for long periods by capacity on, constrained by the lack of broadband in Ireland. I wonder is it just the scale, if we had zoomed in graphs would there be periods of flatness?

  2. I’m not sure if it’s scale David as from month to month there aren’t any flatlines… But I’ll try and get some more interesting views for my BarCamp Galway talk on the evolution of…

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