Politics in Ireland revamped, relaunched

Got a message from Damien Mulley about the revamped and relaunched Politics in Ireland website. It looks really good now, and I wish Damien all the best with it. In the words of Damien himself, it’s:

[…] an aggregator like IrishBlogs.ie but for any blog posts that mention a TD name. Over time this will expand to take in more politicians. The site is party neutral and is in no way partisan.

[…] After a few months in redevelopment it’s now ready to be used by the public. It’s been totally rebuilt with new code to allow it to be administered easier on the backend (good for me) and the updates should be a bit more regular. (good for you)

New features are widgets which can be stuck on your blog so you can display the latest politics posts on your own blog: http://www.politicsinireland.com/widget/

Additionally people can now subscribe by email and get these posts to their email address and so don’t need to come back on a daily basis or subcribe using a feed reader. Email sub box is on front page.

Lastly there is now a WordPress plugin that if you install it, will link to the relevant TD page on Politics in Ireland any time you mention a TD in a blog post. Anyone can install this, once they have a WordPress blog: http://www.politicsinireland.com/wordpress-plugin/


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