UPC considering Irish Slingbox introduction

I read John Kennedy’s Silicon Republic article about UPC possibly introducing the Slingbox to its Irish customers with interest. I love the Slingbox idea, and tested out the system last August (see 1, 2).

Irish customers of UPC’s digital TV service may soon be able to watch their favourite TV programmes on a computer anywhere in the world if new services being studied by the company’s Irish management are deployed. (More)

I’m not sure though what the difference would be between getting a Slingbox from UPC or just popping into Curry’s to get one (I saw them there last year)… Maybe someone else knows.


One thought on “UPC considering Irish Slingbox introduction”

  1. Cost? If it’s built into my receiver I don’t need to fork out more, or find another power socket for it 🙂

    DISH Network in the states are now sticking Slingboxes in their receivers, but that may be because Echostar (the owners) now own Sling Media.

    I hope Sky do this at some point. It’s useful for those of us who work away from home a lot.

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