BarCamp Galway aftermath

Had a brilliant day on Saturday: great talks and panels, quality food, good weather, and fun networking in the Westwood afterwards. Overall, I enjoyed BarCamp Galway, and I want to again thank our helpers, speakers, attendees, and especially our sponsors – without whom the day could not have happened in the manner it did (t-shirts, pens, paper, coffees, buns, lunches, biscuits, drink and nibbles).


To the thirty or forty people who didn’t show – I know some of you have explained why you couldn’t come – but to the rest, why didn’t you e-mail, or take your names off the wiki so that we could plan accordingly? I’m pretty annoyed, and to be honest, I won’t organise another BarCamp for this reason.

13 thoughts on “BarCamp Galway aftermath”

  1. I was one of the no-shows who didn’t notify anyone and apologize for that. I can completely understand your frustration. Not to make an excuse of it but in my case it wasn’t until late Friday evening that I finally accepted that I couldn’t make it and so didn’t think it would be of any benefit to notify anyone at that late stage.

    Anyway, I’ve been catching up on the Jaiku channel and recorded uStreams and want to congratulate the organizers on what seems to have been another great Barcamp.

  2. I thought that Eddie O’Sullivan did his best to make sure we’d be at full strength with the result in the French game the night before – perhaps people lost the run of themselves after we got a whole 3 points 🙂

    The thing is BarcampGalway was an excellent. You put in an incredible performance. The organizers, volunteers and participants have a huge amount to be proud of. As Joe Drumgoole said recently “we might be the first country in the world with 0 degrees of separation” so I’m sure you’ll hear the whole story over the next few days.

    Of course, it goes without saying, I hope you’ll start planning the next one after Ireland’s golden generation sort out Argentina. 🙂 Well done, much appreciated.

  3. Hi John,

    I was one of those non-attendees, it was last minute and I never thought to take my name off the list – many apologies.

    I’m disappointed I didn’t go by the sounds of it, I was looking forward to the panel on startups in Ireland.

    Thanks for the hard work


  4. Hi John, I just wanted to say it was an excellent event and really well organised. I got a lot out of it. Loved the T-shirts, the lunch and snacks and of course the talks. Got to meet Tim Bunce, Martha Rotter and heard some really interesting talks.
    Well done. It will be a shame if the next BarCampGalway isn’t as well organised.

  5. Thanks all – the day itself went perfectly, and the no-shows had no impact on anything apart from my mood and the few people wondering where X and Y were.

    I appreciate all who have explained why they didn’t come, but the majority still didn’t and probably won’t bother. I hope that this experience will result in better turnouts and some prior thought. Otherwise, the only solution is (as recommended by Stefan here) some nominal payment for lunch, etc.

    I was also amused by the speculation generated on Jaiku yesterday (see when my post here ‘mysteriously’ disappeared 🙂

  6. I’d like to echo the praise and thanks to you and the team for an excellent event, John. My only regret was not being able to stay for a pint afterwards!

    (Well, that and not having made more effort to join the local tech community sooner.)

    With regard to silent no-shows: it’s a simple fact of life. Annoying, but not worth loosing such a great event over. You could think of it like airlines overselling seats because X% won’t show up. Perhaps you’ve got an initial estimate for X now.

    I’d also suggest adding a strong note to the wiki asking people to remove themselves and/or email if they can’t attend. The current page doesn’t. People often need a gentle reminder.

  7. what, *THE* Tim Bunce was in attendance? damn, if I’d spotted that, I might even have forgone a bit of paternity leave and crossed the country for it 😉

  8. Sorry I missed it now, it sounded like a good event but while Barcamp was kicking off in Galway I was in the middle of my driving test! (Which I’m happy to report I passed 🙂 )

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