Multiple MediaWikis on Debian

Spent a few hours today trying to make a “wiki farm” on Debian using MediaWiki. I already had six wikis using separate code directories on the one server, so when I needed to update them all it was a real pain. Having to create a seventh standalone wiki today pushed me to doing this. I documented it here. Not sure if my notes will be helpful to others but I hope so… Took a little longer as I wanted to be to lock down each wiki with htpasswd (I know you can lock down parts of MoinMoin, but MediaWiki isn’t so partitionable).

Categories DERI, Unix, Web, Wikis

3 thoughts on “Multiple MediaWikis on Debian

  1. Why port 5432 John? Just to get it off the default?


  2. Ooh that looks good Jones, I really wanted something more automated – I’ll see if that can work.

    Adam – I don’t remember changing it, so it may be Debian deciding things for me…

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