Lally meetup on Saturday…

Had an interesting evening chatting about Web 2.0, the Semantic Web and Fortune 500 consultancy with Brendan Lally (a Galway-born IT and Web consultant currently based in Colorado) during a night out with a few other web heads including James Cooley and Ina O’Murchu from DERI, and Richard Garsthagen, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA for VMware. We started off in the Kashmir Indian restaurant and gradually made our way to Sheridan’s on the Dock for some organic colas and Erdingers. As Brendan mentioned, Richard helped me to get my Nokia 770 talking to my 6234 (*99# was news to me) so that he could show us Autostitch (a fully-automatic 2D image stitcher). It was good to meet you Brendan; I hope the rest of your round-Ireland trip goes well.

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