Paddywhackery #2

Fuair mé ríomhphost ó Paddy C. Courtney inniu le ceangal go réamhbhlas den chlár seo chugainnPaddywhackery“. Bhain mé an-taitneamh as an chéad cheann agus mar sin táim ag súil go mór le clár a dó, dé Céadaoin ag 9:30 IN ar TG4.

As Béarla (in English):

Had a message from Paddy C. Courtney today with a link to a sneak preview of the next episode of “Paddywhackery“. I enjoyed the first one so looking forward to episode two, Wednesday at 9:30 PM on TG4.

One thought on “Paddywhackery #2”

  1. I watched that show last night and it was very funny.

    Quite unusual for a TG4 programme I thought, yet very entertaining.

    I found a clip of episode 3 on youtube just now.

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