At the blognation Japan launch party last week

Last Friday, I attended the blognation Japan launch party (organised by editor Robert Sanzalone) at the Outback Steakhouse in Tokyo along with Eyal and Armin.


I really enjoyed the evening, had a great chat with Rob Cawte (see his report here) about the Semantic Web and community wikis, and also talked to John Foster, Yusuke Kawasaki, Andrew Shuttleworth, Robert, and some others whose names have either escaped me or whose business cards I did not get.

You can read more at blognation Japan.

3 thoughts on “At the blognation Japan launch party last week”

  1. Hey John, we have been in contact some time ago around StructuredBlogging and the SIOC project. Does SIOC get a lot of interest in Japan? Have a great time there.

  2. hi raju… mostly met gaijin in tokyo but sioc was well received.

    structured blogging is still something i’d like to happen more, louder voice are carrying on the spirit!

    good to hear from you…

  3. Hi John,

    It was a great pleasure to meet you in Shibuya the other week. Many thanks also for the invite to the Cork Event … I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, so now I have the perfect excuse to do so!

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