It was a very good year…

…during which I created and taught a new course on Emerging Web Media (twice!); spoke on Today FM’s “The Last Word” about cyberstalking; hosted the first Drupal Ireland meetup; gave a short opening presentation at the first ExpertFinder workshop; guest blogged on the IIA blog; was nominated in the blog category of the Digital Media Awards; sold the Boards Group of sites; launched the UK boards site; spoke at MIT and met Tim Berners-Lee; organised the first WebCamp event on social networks; made the first SIOC exporter for phpBB; took part in the launch; participated in a documentary about Bebo made by the Multime group; got a comment from Patrick Tilley on my blog; met Enya; went to BarCamp Belfast; co-edited the SIOC W3C Member Submission; spoke at the Digital Hub about social networks and gaming; was interviewed by Silicon Republic; launched; organised BarCamp Galway; was nominated for a Net Visionary award; gave a presentation on social networking for enterprise at a Fidelity / ITAG conference; wrote an article about the future of social networks with Stefan for Internet Computing; recorded some muppet extra voices for an Irish-language Sesame Street spinoff; went to ISWC 2007 and chaired the second ExpertFinder workshop there; attended Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo and met Tim O’Reilly; went to the blognation Japan launch; had a SIOC tutorial accepted for WWW2008; and spoke on RTÉ Radio 1’s “Morning Ireland” about social networks.

I am looking forward to the year ahead – between organising BlogTalk 2008 / WebCamp SNP, and giving tutorials and invited presentations at the World Wide Web Conference, the Semantic Technologies Conference and the Reasoning Web Summer School – it’s going to be an exciting 2008!

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