First WebCamp to be held in India (on Web Frameworks for the present and the future)

20080108a.png I’m happy to say that the first WebCamp event in India will be held next month. It is being organised by Prahbu Subramanian, who previously ran the successful PipesCamp event in Chennai last year.

The topic of the workshop is web frameworks for the present and the future. This event will provide an opportunity for interested parties to talk about the web frameworks that they currently use, how a particular framework solved particular real-world problems, which others didn’t provide solutions, how much productivity gain they have produced, etc. There will also be a debate on how to choose the right framework for various common real-world problems (e.g., Rails, Python, ErlyWeb, Java).

If you’re interested in organising your own WebCamp event, you can visit the new Spread WebCamp page to get our CC-licensed logos and the WebCamp Template page for a basic new event layout (inspired by BarCamp).

One thought on “First WebCamp to be held in India (on Web Frameworks for the present and the future)”

  1. Thanks John for blogging about the event. We are actively trying to get some tech gurus to deliver a talk. We are also looking for sponsors. I am very sure, with both of these we could make this event a lot better and most importantly, more informative.

    Look forward to meet.


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