Slides from the SIOC tutorial at WWW2008

Here are the PowerPoint slides from our tutorial on “Interlinking Online Communities and Enriching Social Software with the Semantic Web” at the World Wide Web Conference in Beijing – you can also download them from here:

The tutorial went well, it was hot in the room and we were a bit jetlagged, but we had some good feedback afterwards and about 30 people attended in all.

I had a nice few days in Beijing, participating in the W3C advisory commitee meeting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, giving our SIOC tutorial with Alex and Uldis on Monday afternoon, popping along to our paper at the Linked Data on the Web workshop on Tuesday, attending some sessions on Wednesday (Kai-Fu Lee’s plenary keynote on Cloud Computing, the discussion panel with Lada Adamic et al. on the Future of Online Social Interactions, the W3C Open Your Data! track, and a packed session on Social Networks: Discovery and Evolution of Communities). On Thursday, I gave a talk about DERI at Tsinghua University to Cemon Yang and his team at the Digital Government / Web and Software Research Centre. Thursday evening we had the banquet in the Great Hall of the People, and I headed back to Ireland on Friday.

Unfortunately I saw little of Beijing outside of travelling between venues in taxis and buses, so I have a good reason to return and see / do more next time…

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