Be Bert. Be Ernie. Just be.

I’ve had this Bert and Ernie t-shirt for 12 years, but it was lost in a press for a while and it’s starting to get very worn. So, since I haven’t been able to find anywhere online that sells them, I scanned in the picture. Now I can make some backups (and remixes)!

You can see the results above. The first image is the original scan; the second is a vectorised version (via CorelTRACE and some hand editing / filling in CorelDRAW); the third and fourth are just with some background and illumination effects in Paint Shop Pro. I lost some of the original shadows and finer details but can probably add those later…

8 thoughts on “Be Bert. Be Ernie. Just be.”

  1. I have the same t-shirt! I was looking for it as well and found nothing on the internet.

  2. Shouldn’t share, but…one comes up on ebay every now and then. My first is disintegrating along the border of the picture elements. I’m still wearing it, hoping the new one will last me 5-10 years!

  3. Currently looking for a replacement for my shirt. thinking about just taking the image , digitalizing it like you have done and just re-making the shirt. I would go to the manufacturer and see if they have any others there, but my shirt has been worn so much that the tag is totally bare.

  4. The tag said ‘Changes’. You might start there for a replacement. If they still make it, I’d buy another-mainly because my name is Ernie.

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