My new job in Electronic Engineering! Will still collaborate with DERI…

Next month, I will begin a tenured lectureship position at the Department of Electronic Engineering here in the College of Engineering and Informatics at the National University of Ireland, Galway. However, I will still do joint research with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, continuing (amongst other things) to work with the Social Software Unit (on SIOC, SCOT, etc.) and with the TripPlanr project. In my new role, I will also be researching with the NCBES Bioelectronics Research Cluster in NUI Galway.

For those of you who have just come across me and my blog as a result of my work with DERI, you may not know that my background was in electronic engineering, having studied it at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and I also lectured for four years full time in the Department of Electronic Engineering before joining DERI in 2004. When I joined DERI initially, I imagined that I would be working on some intersection between electronic engineering and the Semantic Web. In fact, I fell into the world of the Semantic Web and social software, after an interesting discussion about semantic social networks with Stefan Decker, who was a senior researcher in the Institute at the time. I realised that my “hobby” interests in creating community websites could be combined with interesting research challenges around the Semantic Web, and although I (and then director Dieter Fensel) was unsure about how I would fare in a new research area, I’m glad to say that it worked out okay! Now I’m back to thinking about the convergence between electronics and semantics again, with some social software thrown in the mix (e.g. wearable communities).

Below is a collage of some memories from the past four-and-a-half years: including the FOAF Galway workshop, a Semantic Web cluster meeting, ESWC and a DERI offsite meeting, Wikimania, DERI Stanford, BlogTalk, meeting timbl, BarCamp, DERI drinks, the ITAG awards, and our Social Software summer / christmas parties.

I’ve really enjoyed working with all the smart and cool people in DERI, and I shall continue to do so, while strengthening ties between the Institute and NUI Galway’s College of Engineering and Informatics through my new job. (It’s my last day before holidays, so if you’re in Galway this evening, we’re going out for a few drinks in the Westwood Hotel after work at 5:30…)


5 thoughts on “My new job in Electronic Engineering! Will still collaborate with DERI…”

  1. Wow! Congratulations. A great loss for DERI but I’m very glad to hear you’ll still be working on related research, and that you’ll be around Galway too. I think you’re right about wearables / social computing. At the moment, the technology is clunky (bluetooth, rfid, QR codes etc), but more and more I think we’ll see fabric-based fashion statements replaced by people broadcasting digital identity statements. Well I’d like to think so, but I’ve never had any dress sense 🙂

    ps. thanks again for the FOAF Galway event, great job…

  2. hi,
    I am a student of electronics and im in my final year engg. as a project i want to do something innovative and explore the world of electronics. I went through your profile and saw the immense knowledge in you so i am expecting your inputs on my project ideas.
    firstly, i would like to build a project titled eavesdropping where it spy’s on spying device and then jams them.
    secondly, a nother project on hearing people talking from far away.
    if u can give ur inputs on these it would be of great help.
    my id will be
    looking forward for ur mail.

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