Tusavvy, the social search engine

I got a nice message from Jaesung Ro, founder of Tusavvy, the social search engine (who is a friend of my student Haklae and collaborator Honggee). Their byline is “searching community knowledge without navigating the entire web”.

He pointed me to their service which I tried out today (as one does, when you pick up a pen for the first time to try it out, you often write your own name, or is that just me and my ego?!); you can see the screenshot below… I was happy to see that my own page was prominently featured of course.

Tusavvy reveals “not easily linked-to pages” that are often buried in conventional search results. It was built by aligning human factors with search: using socially-annotated web data, leveraging a lexicon built via tags, and utilising rankings selected through a user’s accumulated interests.

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