Golden Spider Award Winners 2008

  1. Best Financial Services Website –
  2. Best Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Website –
  3. Best Digital Media Website –
  4. Best Sports and Leisure Website –
  5. Best Community and Charity Website –
  6. Best Education, Research and Training Website –
  7. Best E-Business Website (exclusive to web business) –
  8. Best Property Website (non portal) –
  9. Best Mobile Content or Application –
  10. Best New Indigenous Website 2008 –
  11. Best Use of Film, Digital Animation or Motion Graphics –
  12. Best Blog –
  13. Best E-Government Website –
  14. Best Entertainment and Games-Related Website –
  15. Best FMCG Website (fast-moving consumer goods) –
  16. Best Recruitment Website –
  17. Best Interactive Marketing Campaign –
  18. Best Professional Services Website –
  19. Best Web Design and Development Agency –
  20. Best Retail and Home Shopping Website –
  21. Best Social Networking and Community Website (people’s choice)
  22. Young Designer of the Year – Naoise O Conchubhair
  23. Internet Hero – Aodhan Cullen
  24. Grand Prix –

8 thoughts on “Golden Spider Award Winners 2008

  1. Nice one John, thanks. Surprised to see some of the names there, some websites I’ve never even heard of. Still, more reading material, eh?

  2. Young Designer of the Year Naoise Ó Conchubhair can be found at
    The website enterend in the competition was

  3. Congratulations Naoise. Your entry looks amazing!

  4. Congratulations John – you much have been pleased especially as i was the people’s choice.

  5. Hi Krishna – thanks! Yes, absolutely delighted!

    Well, we did win an award in 2001 but it’s great to get another – especially from the public…

  6. Well done John, you guys really deserve it for all the work you’ve put into boards.

  7. Unbelievable and well done, John. No wonder you are close in spirit to John O’Donohue. Birds of a feather. Beannacht.

    Mary Jane Hurley Brant

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