Call for TechInnovate Vertical Farming and Connected Health Teams in 2017/2018

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We are inviting professionals to apply for our 2017/2018 TechInnovate Entrepreneurship Fellowships at NUI Galway.

TechInnovate is a ten-month stipend-supported programme that teaches professionals the entrepreneurial skills required to develop innovation-driven enterprises. This year’s domains are Vertical Farming and Connected Health (the latter is being run in conjunction with our sister programme BioInnovate Ireland).

Two interdisciplinary teams will find unmet needs in these domains, and develop product plans to address a key customer need. TechInnovate’s approach is structured around MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship process. (TechInnovate Director Dr John Breslin adopted this process from MIT where he was selected for the prestigious Entrepreneurship Development Program for CEOs, academics and government leaders.)

You can apply for the TechInnovate Entrepreneurship Fellowships via F6S. For further information, visit the TechInnovate website at or email our team at


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