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It’s been a busy month or two for the national Irish Quake team. Following on from their recent trip to France where they battled well against an experienced French Quake team (Ireland lost the team games, but won the one on one or “duel” matches), the team journeyed to Northern Ireland on 27 March for the “Lan Meat Se7en” event. (featuring some members from their B squad) played their NI counterparts over three levels, and won all three. Fun was had by all and a proposed rematch was mentioned for this year’s QuakaPalooza LAN in Dublin (, Lan Meat).

Quake 3 Latest

The end-of-the-month release of q3test (assuming they stick with the naming convention of its predecessors q2test and qtest!) has been postponed due to some last minute issues. It now looks like the beta version will not be released until the middle to the end of April.

The WDT (World Deathmatch Tournament) organisers have also announced that the tourney will be played using Quake 3 Arena only, much to the dissappointment of Quake and Quake 2 diehards who feel their existing skills will be lost in the “new” game (Quake 3 Arena, WDT).

QuakeWorld VWep

QuakeWorld players can now enjoy the ability to see what weapon their opponents are holding thanks to a new add-on for Quake called VWep (Visible Weapons). This nifty little feature has been available in Quake 2 for some time, but was not available for Quake until now. This adds another level of strategy to the game since you can now act as a thief of sorts, picking the player who has the nicest gun that you want (assuming he doesn’t get you with it first!).

The release of VWep totally overshadowed the QuakeWorld 2.34 update, largely ignored by the Quake community in any case due to its restriction on team messages and warnings via proxies (VWep, QuakeWorld).

Community Moves to New IRC Server

After a happy two years on the IOL IRC server, the Irish Quake community has moved to a new server ( connected to Europe’s largest IRC gaming network, QuakeNet. QuakeNet comprises of IRC servers from a number of countries: Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The number of active users on the network ranges from 1500 during the day to over 3000 at night.

Irish players can usually be found in the channel on The move was encouraged to allow more international games (and player inter-clan transfers!) to take place (, QuakeNet).

Cloud Boards Grow

The Cloud Boards have expanded yet again. From a humble beginning as Ireland’s main Quake discussion area, new boards for the Irish Tribes, StarCraft and online RPG communities were recently commisioned.

Now the boards feature many other entertainment and technology forums (Cloud Boards).

IGN Test Half-Life Server

The Irish Games Network have recently started testing a Half-Life multiplayer server at (on the default port 27015). This server is currenly limited to ten players at any one time (IGN).

IGN’s Tribes Server

Tribes has really taken off in Ireland with the first Irish Tribes server getting busier every night! Although the game has not been officially released in the country as of yet (expected European release date is in April), players have been buying the game from friends in the US or from suppliers over the internet to keep up with the latest 3-D online gaming sensation where the action of Quake meets the strategy of Command and Conquer.

If you have Tribes, just look for the IGN entry in the server listing. Or you can connect directly from the Tribes console (press backquote to enter and leave this console) by typing connect(“”); and pressing return. The game format can be voted on by players (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Capture and Hold, Defend and Destroy, etc.) currently active on the server.

Interview: DeVore

Our next interview is with DeVore, who recently changed his name by deed poll to Tom Murphy. Welcome to the interview chair, comfy is it?

No, it smells of Zero, and a bit like Otto’s jacket.

What’s the best type of chair for playing Quake in?

Would have to be a chair like Captain Kirks, loads of buttons and gadgets. Press one button and you reconnect to Barrysworld, press another, you shoot through the roof. The best thing would be that contraption the Queen borg is connected to in First Contact. Forget aim bots? THAT’S what I want.

Who would be on your Quake dream team (players from any country / planet / movie allowed)?

  • Robbie the Robot
  • Robocop
  • Maximilian from Lost in Space
  • Data
  • And Arnie (they guy never runs out of ammo, cant be hit and never misses!)

R2D2 can fuck off cos he’s shit at rocket jumps. C3PO is good but no-one likes him.

What prompted you to organise QuakaPalooza?

A number of things. I’ve been running Gaelcon for ages now and I saw the opportunity. But mainly it was Quakelords. I was a month playing when I went to Quakelords and walking in to that hall with the darkness and stage and machines etc? God I wanted to play so bad but everyone was totally ninja to my newbie eyes. I had a total blast afterwards with beast and zero and overlord and blade and the gang. I really wanted to have that happen again and since it didn’t seem likely I decided to do it myself (I’m kinda like that) Also we had been having trouble with pings and servers and over that summer the skill of players (particularly CW and some of CT) had just skyrocketed and it was time to resort the pecking order. I think CW proved that they were here to kick ass and they were the new guys to beat. It was an opportunity to stop the hpbs complaining about ping/lag etc. I was getting a lot of hassle on the CA server about being lpb and how I’d get my ass kicked on even pings. So I had something to prove too?which I’m glad to say I felt I did :p

Was the worst part the hassle from whining muppets or was it well worth the pain and suffering?

No, everyone was totally kewl. The fact that the whole thing rather smooth as silk is a tribute to everyone there. As I predicted the muppets weren’t a problem in real life. I have a certain?um? ‘demeanour’ that prevents people thinking about annoying me heheh. It was eventually worth all the pain etc. But I really didn’t think it was going to work?.

Who’s your Quake hero? Who’s your real life hero? Who’s the vice-president of Mozambique?

I don’t really have heros but I’ve very big on ‘respect’. I give everyone respect (or at least I try to) and I ask it in return. It’s a very good way to live I find. To answer your question I would say that I respect Overlord a lot as he has a similar temperament to myself. He BACK YUNFELLA. NNNEEEEE SQUIORSHHH!

What games do you see yourself playing this time next year?

In my crystal monitor I see Tribes being big, but also Q3A. However I am beginning to think that ID have lost the plot and the gap is there for a fast fps-oriented mosh game. They keep trying to drag the online gamers in different directions, I say give them what they want! Starcraft will still be popular but not as big as Tribes. Quake will still be played I reckon and I’ll have just about completed level 1 of Baldur’s Gate? takes on France this month, who’s next or is it best to wait and see how it goes?

North Ireland and Scotland are in my sights too. Of course we have to look at the WDT too, if it ever happens. I want 9 at QPII but then I also want a Ferrari and a 100000000 mhz computer so I’ll see what I have to live with?

What other Quake sites do you like to visit regularly? Any recommended URLs, gaming or general?

I like Challenge.Au, those Aussies are totally doolally. I’d love to see Overlord or Koopa v Reload I read Threshes articles on and of course I post regularly to our board. Non gaming sites I like are which is just too funny and the rail services at It’s these sort of useful or enjoyable sites I’ll bookmark.

What’s the difference between a Quake 1 player and a Quake 2 player?

You can tell them apart easily, the Quake 1 player is the one running rings around the Quake 2 player while he waits for his weapons to change! “Oh you just wait till I get my railgun out sonny! Ooooo then you’ll be sorry!” “har har!”

Just on behalf of the Quake community, I want to say thanks once again for the time you’ve put in to the local scene lately, firstly organising QuakaPalooza and now the journey – well done!

Haha, everyone always says thanks but its not necessary really. It’s all selfishly motivated. I wanted a big lan so I ran one and I had a ball. I want to get Irish players on the international scene and I want us to kick ass so I’m organising it. I’m not doing it out of pure desire to promote Irish Quake, Spin Solutions (the-worlds-greatest-web-and-database-design-company-bar-none) will get some promotion from it to which is nice and I get to muck about and play organiser which is fun. Believe me the day I get bored and don’t enjoy it I’ll stop organising stuff. But I cant see that happening for a long time. If someone had come along and said “ah running an 50 person lan is a doddle, its been done before” I probably wouldn’t have bothered :^) Sooo many people have done a lot more then I for Irish Quake that I still feel like I’m playing catch up.

Cloud Boards

DeVore posted a message last night complaining about the way the new board systems don’t show all the messages – i.e. you have to click on a topic folder before you can see what messages you have or have not read.

I’ve added a [Show All] link to each board on the main page, this will list messages by date and hopefully will please the currently split community.

Hopefully if this board takes off, we will eventually be able to buy the full version which even allows users to go back and edit messages they posted earlier on.

Someone else suggested recombining the Quake 1 and 2 boards – let us know what you think.

WWWBoard and UK Quake Archives

I’ve been programming for most of the afternoon, and am fairly happy with my first effort at Perl – when’s WWWBoard hits every 100th message, the previous 100 messages will be kept, the rest archived, so no more blaming me for cutting threads etc. Also changed the American date format to European.

Added the UK Quake Mailing List Archives to as well, messages are archived using the wonderful MHonArc utility.

North and South?

Hibernians may become one of those north/south bodies with an idea from Gibby that perhaps himself, Dusted, Shmern, and Slick may team up with us soon… Hits Limit!

Have just had to up the maximum number of ftp clients on from 20 to 30 after finding myself unable to upload this plan – doh! Additions

It’s been a busy week and a half since I last updated. Here’s what I’m at…

  • Changed the IQCL results to order by frags, not rank (past matches updated).
  • Enabled the use of high characters in IQCL games (only drawback is that brown characters do not appear in scores, replaced by their white counterparts) so that the results would look a lot more nifty!
  • Uploaded a whole pile (around 300) Quake 2 skins to the Q2 servers. If you want to use these, get them from
  • Enabled GL-supported maps on the Vanilla and QW servers.
  • Got WWWBoard, simple search, counters and random banners to work on