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Fixed Slow Query in Planet Tags

Tagged browsing should actually work instantly now on the Planet Journals sites; there was a problem with a sub-query taking ages which I’ve replaced (e.g. here are the general tag views from the and .ie sites). You can also see related tags for a particular tag on the right hand side.

Advertisements Replaces Generation Blog, sister site to, is the new name for the Kiwi blogs aggregator Generation Blog. It is now running the latest version of the Planet PHP scripts. Update your links!

Edit: Here are some new buttons for both .ie and

Milestones: 500 Blogs at POTB; 200 at

We’ve hit the magic number of 500 listings at Planet Of The Blogs. Thanks to everyone for their support, and I hope we can continue to provide a useful service.

Dave O’Neill has set up an irishblogs tag at, so hopefully we can integrate that into POTB. I’m adding it to as I type.

In other news, since yesterday’s launch of Generation Blog, we’ve amassed (sp.) 200 blogs, so I can see a bright future for that site too…

Generation Blog: POTB Goes Kiwi

I’ve launched a new blogs aggregator for our New Zealand comrades; it’s called Generation Blog and resides at

There are a few New Zealand blog webrings out there, so once I find some time I’ll be adding those feeds to the site…

In the logo, Dr. Zaius has been replaced with General Zod from the Superman movies. Zod likes to blog too, maybe he can quote from his blog for us…