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Review of Galway OpenCoffee Clubs #1 and #2

At last, my review of the first two Galway OpenCoffee Club events…

20070615a.pngThe first meeting of our local OpenCoffee Club took place on the 15th of June at the Forster Court Hotel in Galway. The location was chosen so that we could avail of the free wi-fi there! In attendance were guest Edward O’Connor, a web programmer from San Diego who also organises their local BarCamp events, Jan Blanchard, MD and owner of TouristR, Conor Wade, web designer and developer at TouristR, James Cooley, CoolReason Consulting and now working at DERI, Aidan Finn, researcher at DERI and organiser of the event, Ina O’Murchu, DERI outreach, and yours truly. Though the turnout was small, we had some interesting conversations ranging from TouristR and object-centered sociality to BarCamp and microformats.

The second event was on the 3rd of August in the same location, and our guest of honour was David Lenehan, lead developer at PollDaddy and contributor to the popular blog Read/Write Web, Joe Desbonnet, founder of the city guide and I remember him as a student of UCG where he maintained the Computer Society Directory in the early 90s, Uldis Bojars, researcher at DERI, Liga Besere, creative marketer based in Galway, Damien Clothier, manager with Precipio and consultant for companies interested in creating an interactive online presence, Aidan, Ina and myself. Again, I think number of attendees was a positive feature of the meeting, as most could participate in any of the discussions, and some mention was made by David of the ‘mart’ nature of some OpenCoffee events in the larger cities where companies parade their wares in a line of laptop demos.

aidanf mentioned the possibility of making the Galway OpenCoffee Clubs a more regular event, perhaps on the 1st Friday of every month? What say you all?