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NDS trying to destroy Dream Multimedia

Digital Spy Forums – NDS trying to destroy Dream Multimedia

Yet another reason to hate News Corporation. This snippet apparently put out by Dream Multimedia:

NDS, manufacturer of encryption systems for DVB services are thwarting Dream Multimedia, manufacturer of Linux set-top-boxes

End of last year NDS have requested Dream Multimedia to close up their open-source operating software and remove the Ethernet network connection from all their products.

Now NDS in their role as president of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)have taken an even more drastic step. ETSI are refusing to grant a CSA (Common Scrambling Algorythm) license to Dream Multimedia. NDS have an unhealthy large say in ETSI and consequently have the power to stop a license being granted without any valid reason whatsoever.

Unfortunately, a manufacturer needs an ETSI license to be allowed to inplement CSA encryption. This implementation is a requirement for a set-top-box to comply with and work according to the DVB standard. Without ETSI license a manufacturer cannot legally use and implement CSA.

IBM, manufacturer of the CPU(central processing unit) in the set-top-boxes DM7000, DM5620, DM500 and DM7020 have been put under great pressure by NDS not to sell CPUs to Dream Multimedia anymore. This has been done by using the argument of Dream Multimedia not having a valid license.
The same pressure has been put on the (new) manufacturer of CPUs’ that Dream Multimedia intends to use in their new models DM7025 and DM8000.

Ofcourse this is an outrageous development and a heavy blow to the open source community. NDS apparently have the power to make an organisation like ETSI refuse a license to any manufacturer without any valid reason.

ETSI, which is a non-profit organisation which’ major goal is standardisation should not refuse a license to Dream Multimedia, since the company complies with all conditions required to obtain a license.

Hydra Zeus for Dreambox

Happy New Year!

I’ve downloaded the latest image from the Hydra team, and what a sweet release it is. With an internet connected DB, you can download the latest Hydra control panel which allows you to select what CAMs, addons, languages etc. you want to install. There’s an uninstall manager too, a USB stick manager, latest Hydra news screen and lots more. So of the fun addons I’ve tried so far, I’ve been liking the RSS reader, DreamNetCast (streaming radio via SHOUTcast, including Chillout stations and WNYC NPR), the weather forecaster, Lemmings and chess games, and the Links web browser. You can download the latest version from the DreamBox Net Australia firmware page or find out more at


Yes, at last I am among the broadband elite. I was surprised at how straightforward the ADSL self-install was, and now I can have tuxmail, eggdrop and streaming internet radio running on my DreamBox satellite receiver. So far, so good. I’m using Esat BT BTW.