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Latest news from Patrick Tilley, author of "The Amtrak Wars"

Got a very interesting comment from Patrick Tilley, author of “The Amtrak Wars” amongst other things, which I am re-quoting below for a wider audience:

Just came across your website and wanted to thank you for your sympathetic review of The Amtrak Wars – and all the readers who posted comments.

You might call this a blast from the past. To end speculation, I am not dead and am still writing. True, this July I will turn 79 but the brain still works and, as long as there is breath in my body, Book Seven is still a runner – along with Eight and Nine.

The original scheme was for 12 books but to my great regret I let things silde. Life intervened…”Event’s, dear boy.” as MacMillan reportedly said to explain why things didn’t go as planned during his premiership.

I think three books will see me out – and make everybody happy.

Warmest regards to the fans of Amtrak everywhere – Patrick Tilley
(Him wot rote ’em all…)

Great to hear from you Patrick, and I’m looking forward to this, as I’m sure many others are! (For those of you who haven’t read “The Amtrak Wars”, I have an old review. This site was named “Cloudlands” in June 1997 after a location in Amtrak, and my online nickname “Cloud-Warrior” or “Cloud” for short comes from a character in the series.)