quake.ie Q2 FFA and CTF

Okay, got the two quake.ie Quake 2 servers working now, at q2ffa1.quake.ie:27910 and q2ctf1.quake.ie:27920. The second one is running the Vanilla CTF server- side patch, so doesn’t require any client downloads, pretty nifty, eh? Will be replacing this with the official Id patch when it comes out, mid-Feburary according to Blue’s News, I think they were talking about some release party somewhere or another.



Still getting that q2ctf1 going to q2ffa1 problem but looking into it today. We may be having visitor from UCD this weekend, none other than toilet, so hope to organise some games around that. Seven new entries into the IQCL over the w/e, did up a logo for it there last night, looks okay, may refine it some later. MoonGlum is hard at work on designing a level for the UKCL, it looks pretty class so far from what I’ve seen on the beta testing server. Mindphuck has been doing a bit of that level design stuff himself, we had his inc1 level running on ffa1.quake.ie over the weekend, good old fun with myself and Bunny battling it out for the top. DeVore now has his own quake.ie address, devore@quake.ie, in preparation for his work as part of the QameX team. Two new wonderfully named Quake clans have appeared, IFF (Irish Freedom Fighters) and UQI (United Quake Irishmen), these angry young men are coming to get us all soon. IQCL may start a week or two later than advertised, to allow those UL clans to get their cats, I mean acts, together (they’re all on holidays for a few weeks, don’t you know).

quake.ie Server Stuff

Ah, my first .plan for a couple of years, and what better way to pass on information of what I am working on and what to expect in the future from quake.ie. After talking to Eric (Mindphuck) on the phone yesterday about Clan Survival, I have replaced war1.quake.ie’s qwring mod with the Clan Arena patch. This is a temporary measure I think, hope to set up a separate server later on at ca1.quake.ie. Obi-Wan tells me there may be a problem with the q2ctf1.quake.ie server, in that it is just sending people to q2ffa1.quake.ie, so we are looking into that now.

IQCL System

For the past few days, I have been fully occupied with getting a nice automated results system working for the IQCL, and think I have a fair version of that going now. The admin will be able to log in and start a server before each match, and when the match is over, the admin can process the logs with a one line command generating a html output for each match. We will be using htmllog for this (have had the kind help of the author Pyro for problems encountered along the way) as it gives nice stats about who killed with what weapon and all using those cool Quake characters. Using this system will give a unique web address for each match, for example, the address quake.ie/clans/league/results/ctgi.2202/ would be the match between CT and GI on the 22 of February (I’ve seen the future and it will be). Still working on moving our web pages to the quake.ie server, should be able to provide the long-awaited clan web space when that is finalised. I have put up the initial Lost Colonies site at http://www.quake.ie/lostcolonies/ and hope to get that going soon too. As regards the IQCL again (ideas flying into my head here), there will be a random level picked each week for all matches to play on, and teams will meet on irc 15 minutes beforehand to obtain the server password from the IQCL admin (so we won’t get any lamers joining the match). Another one of those handy QW features is the password command, there is no equivalent in Vanilla but there you go. Mouserat tells me that there will be one level per match, 30 minutes long which sounds fair.

Review: Zerstörer

This is a copy of a review I did for files.quake.ie earlier on in the year. Zerstörer is a PC (partial conversion) for Quake. If you don’t have Quake, read no further and avoid disillusionment.

I should start by saying get Zerstörer now…  it’s great!  This is the mod that really impressed those people at id Software, and when you begin on the "start" level you will see why.  The atmosphere is wonderful, blood-filled moats and new killer weapons.

The demo sequences in between levels are worth watching alone (make sure to do a QUAKE -WINMEM 12 -GAME ZER to allow for the big Zer levels).  Watch yourself fall into a pit of red liquid, rise from the grave, and lose consciousness slowly.

Zerstörer Screenshot

Here’s a short summary of the extra features.

Chainsaw – Yes, it’s back!  For all you Doom lovers out there, get a load of this Quake version.  Press 1 twice.

Riot Controller – An impressive looking weapon, unloads two heavy duty cartridges in to your opponents with that shuk-shuk sound effect.  Press 3.

Chaingun – Fill your opponent’s teeth with lots of lead quickly.  Press 4.

Chain-Lightning Gun – Looks like a doubled up lg which spits out rapid bolts of lightning.  Very powerful.  Press 8 twice.

ScREw Cannon – I will include the official description of this one – “Fires a plasma charge with an embedded detonator.  While the ‘attack’ button is held down, the projectile will continue flying until it has bounced twice off solid objects.  Any time during its flight, you may release the ‘attack’ button to detonate the plasma for the maximum blast damage.”  My advice is stand away from everything while firing this one.  Press 9.

Sanguinoch – Remember those familiars in Dungeons and Dragons.  Here’s a little “friend” for you (and it’s not one of those cats!) who may turn on you if he gets bored looking for someone else to attack.

Dark-Angel Wings – Flap, flap!

Courage Armor – Apparently this armor _reflects_ enemy fire away from you (except from your back).

There are 8 mission 1 levels (zer1m1 to zer1m8) and 5 dm levels (zerdm1 to zerdm5), these are really worth checking out from the command line by doing a “map zerdm1” or whatever.

Watch out for the “bloodcube” on some of the levels, it sucks in gibs from the “gib fountain”, also look for the laser turret and those trees!

Not only is it a good single player mod, Zer makes for great LAN games and can also be run as a QuakeWorld server.

Here’s the official story available with the game…

He took you from the streets and gave you all that you could have asked for. He spoke with eloquence of the dreams which he would share with you.  In return you ran special missions for him, some mundane and some bizarre.  It was not long before you noticed things around you were not always as they seemed, but you were well taken care of.  What did it matter anyway?  Things have steadily gotten worse, and you are starting to see him in your dreams.  Nightmares haunt your slumber and leave you with visions you’d kill to forget.  It is time to get out of this place while you still can.  Perhaps you won’t return from the mission tonight.

It all seemed right before the blood stained your hands.  The mission did not go as planned, and now you are left with the cold chill of murder under your skin.  There wasn’t supposed to be anyone here.  You were supposed to find medical supplies, but in fact, all you found was a crazed man with a knife.  Did you just hear laughter?  No, must have been the wind.

How could you have done this?  What kind of monster have you become?  His words all seem twisted now, and you begin to see through his infectious lies. He has controlled and manipulated you from the start.  No one will believe your story, and as the blood drips from your clenched fists you realize there is no one who can help you now. You’ve got to keep moving, you’ve got to get out of here. Your only choice is to right your wrongs, rewrite what has been written. You must make weapons out of his corruption, and use this strength he has given you to turn these mistakes against him.  There is no other choice.

The final chapter must be written…

You can download the Zerstörer PC from ftp.cdrom.com, or the European mirror site at sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk.

First Irish Quake 2 Clan

UL Quake clan Na Daghda has formed the first Quake 2 clan in the country under the name Clan Rebirth. Check out their web page here.

No More Demos

Latest news is that Id Software will NOT be releasing another demo version of Quake 2 until the full version is available in stores.

Quake 2 Manual

A preview of the Quake 2 Manual cover has been released, looks pretty authentic to me!



Name given by the First Family to an unspecified location which, as its name suggests, appears to be an exclusive and very private retreat on, or very near to, the overground where the President-General cultivates roses. Apart from that, very little is known save for the suggestion that it also functions as an R&R centre for special agents of the First Family. (Dark Visions: An Illustrated Guide to the Amtrak Wars.)

This page was created with the purpose of housing some resources which didn’t quite fit in with the details given on the Guns Islanders clan page.

Cloud-Warrior is a character from the science fiction series of novels, The Amtrak Wars, by Patrick Tilley. The logo shown above is that of the Amtrak Federation in the books, and it is based on the pre-Holocaust US Air Force logo. I quite enjoyed these stories, and one of my favourite synthesizer artists, Vangelis, even gets a mention in the future!

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