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boards.ie Moves up to #13 in Ireland

Alexa Web Search – Top 500

Well it can’t really keep on going upwards for much longer, but I’ll keep blogging about it as long as boards.ie moves up the ladder of Ireland’s most popular sites:)

I think that our recent success is due in no small part to the help of BoardTracker and their integrated searching system, which I’ll talk about shortly.


eBay Sandwich: boards.ie Climbs to #14 in Ireland Rankings

boards.ie – Now Ye’re Talkin’

I blogged about boards.ie being #16 in Alexa’s top 50 web rankings for Ireland about three weeks ago…

Despite having some fairly major load problems with our servers over the past month, we’ve still managed to climb two places and are now sandwiched between eBay Ireland and eBay UK in the rankings of popular sites in Ireland.

Our overall site rank is an impressive 9,689 (up 9,162 places).

boards.ie is the 16th Most Visited Site in Ireland

(Via Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Irishblogs.ie 92nd most visited site in Ireland…)

According to Alexa, boards.ie is now the 16th most visited site in Ireland, ahead of prominent sites such as RTÉ and Aer Lingus. Also it is interesting that the only “Irish” sites in the top 15 are Daft and Eircom (ignoring Ireland-branded versions of sites like eBay and Google); the rest are all internationals.