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The Last Ambient Zone, For Now

I broadcast my last Ambient Zone show on Flirt FM last Wednesday; it was a sad day but I have lots of good memories including “shows that worked” and interviews, etc. over the past 9 or 10 years. I started off the show with the same 35 minutes of music from my first show in 1997, and then had some of the “most played” songs from the show (I cheated a bit by performing an SQL “group by name” on the tracks database table to see what those top tracks were!).

I finished off the show with 8:07 from the seminal ambient electronica album 76:14 by Global Communication; a fitting end I think to the current run. Who knows, I may be back someday, and if not live on air there’s always podcasting… Thanks to my audience for their support over the years and of course for listening.

Blogging and DJing: Perhaps I Shouldn't Multitask…

Those of you who know me may have heard I do a radio show on our college radio station (Flirt FM). I’m on now actually, 9 to 11 PM, blogging and DJing at the same time – but I can’t multitask very well, so while I type, things could go very, very wrong (dead air is a no-no). [Oh shoot, I’ve just seen a mouse in the studio corridor, at least I hope it was a mouse… /me tucks in trouser legs into socks and runs…]

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Ambient Zone Podcasts

I’ve created a podcasts section on my Ambient Zone site.

I hope to add many podcasts there from the electronica show on Galway’s Flirt FM. As I don’t know yet how to make the site “podsafe”, I’ve decided to try and only use freely-available music (i.e. royalty free) on shows that will be made public in this podcasts section.

To start off with, I’m doing a special featuring music from the online record label (or “netlabel”) Monotonik. Enjoy!