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+3B-BB=1B:( Away at BarCampIreland, boards.ie EGM and BlogTalk Reloaded

Yes, it may look like some geek code, but the three Bs are the three events I’ve been attending this weekend:

  • BarCampIreland: Yesterday morning / afternoon in Cork, I enjoyed meeting all the people at our first BarCamp event in the country, and many thanks to Damien, Conor and Walter for all the organising. Met some new people and some regulars: Damien, Conor, Ed, Piaras, John, Vincent, Mark, Donncha, Gavin, Ryan, Emmet, Diarmaid, Michele, Marcas and Gavin. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet other friends, seeing as my car rental was three hours late, I missed the morning sessions and time was short… Oh well! My talk on SIOC went okay I think, lots of questions and some good chats afterwards – thanks! I’ll upload the PDF to my presentations page shortly.
  • boards.ie EGM: The directors of boards.ie had our second meeting of the year last night in Dublin, which went pretty well. Lots of things discussed and plans made.
  • BlogTalk Reloaded: And today, I’m in Vienna where things are gearing up for the BlogTalk conference. We had a pre-event drinks session tonight, where I met many attendees including Thomas, Jan (organisers), Paolo, Monica, Jeremy, Ray, Graham, Sara, Ton, Wolfgang, Elmine, Anne, Jeroen, Udo and Alex. Looking forward to the sessions tomorrow and to meeting many more participants (including Stephanie who I’ve been talking to on the #blogtalk IRC channel).

So what’s the rest of the equation? It’s hard being away from home at this time, family and baby (BB), so I’m a lonely 1B tonight. But I’m making the best of the time away, as you can see from all that’s been crammed into the past 48 hours 😀