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Visualising the Irish Blogosphere III

Thought you might like this little collage of images from the Irish blogosphere, a sneak preview of the forthcoming gallery section at Planet Journals.ie. Can you find yourself in this picture? I think I’m 11th along the top…
Collage of the Irish Blogosphere


Visualising the Irish Blogosphere II

Following on from my post yesterday, you can now view interlinks (and the corresponding graph) between blogs on a blog-by-blog basis, e.g. here’s the visualisation of Gavin’s blog:

Edit: I’ve added a choice to view the graph in “force directed” or “radial” mode, and created a special page to show all of the POTB-crawled interlinks.

Visualising the Irish Blogosphere

Martin Feeney wrote an interlinks utility for Planet of the Blogs nearly two months ago, but I only got around to integrating it into the site today (www.planetoftheblogs.com/interlinks). I’ll be adding a graphical visualisation of this data shortly. For now, this picture may whet your appetite – it’s a graph of all the interlinked blogs as indexed by Planet of the Blogs.

Also today, irishblogs.ie announced some cool new features, including (quote):

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