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Galway dominates Online Trader category of the Net Visionary awards

I was driving back to Galway on Monday morning and I heard my name being mentioned on Galway Bay FM in relation to the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2006 which are being held next week.

When I looked up the nominations shortlist, I saw that the other two people in my category are also from Galway – Des Kenny from kennys.ie, and Richard Moyles from mattress.ie / furniture.ie – so someone from Galway is going to win 🙂


Galway Bloggers Meetup This Saturday April 1st (No Fools)

As you may have read on Ed Byrne’s blog post, the first in the Geek Dinners Ireland series of meetups will be held this weekend. We’ll be meeting for drinks and finger food this Saturday at 8 PM in Massimo, William Street West. Ed mentioned there may be a dinner beforehand somewhere as well… All bloggers, geeks, and even non-geeks welcome!

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ISWC 2005

The tutorials and workshops for ISWC 2005 began today; of particular interest to our research cluster is the Semantic Desktop workshop, and I hope the associated social event works out okay tonight as I had to organise a venue (Krusoes Restaurant at the Harbour Hotel).

Anyway, here are some ISWC 2005 related links:

The invite-only Information Juggernaut industry day is on tomorrow, with speakers including Tim Berners-Lee (W3C) and John Herlihy (Google). I’ll be at an internal DERI International meeting on Monday, but then the conference proper kicks off on Tuesday…