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IIA Blog: To Wikis and Beyond

To Wikis and Beyond” is my fifth and penultimate guest post for the IIA blog


IIA Blog: Semantic Blogging

I’ve just published my fourth guest post for the IIA Blog – it’s about Semantic Blogging. I think I only have a few days left in my guest slot so I hope to fit in one or two more posts about wikis and maybe social networks before the end…

I Won – Thanks!

I was surprised and delighted that I won the IIA Net Visionary award for social contribution on Thursday!

I wanted to say thanks (but didn’t get the chance to) to my colleagues at the DERI research institute at NUI Galway, my co-administrators at boards.ie and all the moderating team who do an amazing job, those who’ve helped with both Planet of the Blogs and latest venture Wiki Ireland, my family and friends, and finally to all those who voted online as well as the awards jury.

I also wanted to say that fellow nominees Concern deserve your support, whether you give a regular donation or just a one-off present of a goat or chicken or whatever through their website this Christmas – please do it!

Had a great night, met people I hadn’t seen in seven or eight years, my voice went towards the end and was gone for most of Friday unfortunately but hopefully a relaxing weekend will kill off this flu!