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ISWC 2005 Over / Won an iPod! / Aligning SIOC with FOAF and SKOS

ISWC 2005 ended yesterday; had a productive and enjoyable week at the conference here in Galway.

And yesterday, I won an iPod Nano in the ISWC 2005 Semantic Bank annotation competition! Thanks to all the Simile team, and I hope that we can produce and add lots of SIOC data to the bank shortly…

Speaking of which, CaptSolo, libby, danbri, aliman and myself met on Wednesday afternoon to try and align SIOC with FOAF and SKOS. I think it was a really useful discussion and once we have formalised the results of the discussion we can start publishing SIOC data “in anger” really soon.

SIOC Export Added to Blog / Barnraiser AROUNDMe

Events like ISWC 2005 inspire / remind you to go and do stuff, so I forgot to blog that I’ve installed Uldis‘ WordPress SIOC exporter on my blog. It’s pretty cool, one or two things to iron out but so far so good… You can get it at the SIOC WordPress page.

Was talking to danbri and Ina earlier and mentioned the neat AROUNDMe social networking software system by Barnraiser. Why do I think it’s neat? Well, as well as having lots of features, it is open source / free, and therefore I think we can easily plug some FOAF (and SIOC) generators into it once I figure out if it can be ‘opened up’ (i.e. turn off login requirements).

ISWC 2005

The tutorials and workshops for ISWC 2005 began today; of particular interest to our research cluster is the Semantic Desktop workshop, and I hope the associated social event works out okay tonight as I had to organise a venue (Krusoes Restaurant at the Harbour Hotel).

Anyway, here are some ISWC 2005 related links:

The invite-only Information Juggernaut industry day is on tomorrow, with speakers including Tim Berners-Lee (W3C) and John Herlihy (Google). I’ll be at an internal DERI International meeting on Monday, but then the conference proper kicks off on Tuesday…