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journals.ie Gets Revamp

journals.ie – Free Irish Blogs

At last I rid journals.ie of that old Kubrick template, now we have lots more content on the page including all latest blog and forum posts, irishblogs tagged content from Flickr, Technorati, Upcoming, Planet Journals, etc. Does anyone tag stuff on del.icio.us with irishblogs? That’s one I didn’t think of…

In other news, I’ve added limerickcity.com to the list of domains you can choose for your free Irish blog website at journals.ie.


Irish Blogs Tag Cloud from Planet Journals

Here’s the latest tag cloud from Planet Journals, representing tags with more than 5 usages since we began collecting them in April. I’ve used a log scale to do this.

The top ten tags (from 10 to 1) are: politics, personal, blogs, music, technology, blogging, uncategorized, ireland, general, and at the top, it’s irishblogs.

10 1916 2002-2003: a cyberspace oddity adsense adventure racing advertising agile ah, ireland ahh, livin’ ajax all blogs all entries all posts american and, also… animals announcements annual report apple apple computer apple stuff architect argolon art articles arts asides australia awards news bandon bandon farmers market bebo belfast best practise beyond belief blah blog blog walk bloggery blogging blogosphere blogs boards boards.ie book books bookselling britain broadband business business blogging camping cat celebrity censorship chaos in theory charity china chocolate christmas cia cleveland’s irish cultural festival coffee college colm comedy comics commentary community commuting computer science education computers computers and internet concert concerts conferences conflict conspiracies consulting consumer contemporary conversation cooking cool sites cork creative commons creativity crime crit criticism culture current affairs current events cyberlaw da204 daragh dark kingdom data protection data protection / foi data protection commissioner data retention dating dec del.icio.us democracy derry design developers development in .net – advanced diane duane diary digital rights ireland dingle domains domains & dns domains and statistics dpa drama dri driving dublin dublin-town dup dvd eating ebay eco economy ed byrne educasts education email email marketing emerging technology employment encore energy england entertainment entrepreneur entrepreneurship enviro environment ephemera e-pr equipment eurid europe events everything else expeditions experience extreme facilitation family fantasy footy feeds festival legends, the book festivals news fianna fail fiction film films fine gael firefox flash flickr food food experiments football formula 1 france free freedom friends fun funny future fyp gaa gaeilge galway games gaming gardai geekary general general blogs general issues generic stupidity geography google google earth google maps government green party gtd hardware health higher education history homeland view honesty horror horticulture hosting hosting365 house hunting how to howto human rights humour ice cream ideas ilelani india infacta innovation intellectual property interesting interesting/cool international news internet internet & web internet marketing internet stuff interview interviews ipod iran iraq ireland ireland (dublin) ireland web developer competition irish irish bar irish blog aggregator irish blogs irish culture irish media irish music, past and present irishblogs irishphotos irishpolitics issues it@cork italy japan java javascript jayisms jobs johnbreslin journal junior cert just living justice kayaking kelly kerry kristanna loken labour party language laptops law liberty life life in dublin liff links linux literary/book reviews literature live music living in ireland living somewhere else local issues london lost mac main page mapping maps marine rescue marketing mass surveillance mayo media media ecology members news meme mercenaries microformats microsoft microsoft ireland microsoft stuff middle east misc misc blogosphere miscellaneous mix06 mobile mobile telephony mobiles mods money morning pages/daily ramblings motors mountain rescue mountaineering movies moving pictures mp3 munster music music video music/music reviews musings musings and comment my life my news myspace myths national issues nationalism nature & the environment nerdism nerdy net networking networks new trends forum new york news news bytes news, events, & personal updates newsletters northern northern ireland northern ireland: politics norway notestoself nounit nuclear odds & sods o
olelo online online marketing open source open university opensource opml oscarblogs osorterat – uncategorized osx other musings.. outdoor gadgets outdoor gear p2p pandora paris patriotism people perl personal peter morwood photo photography photos php piaras kelly podcast podcasting podcasts podchraoladh podleaders poetry policing politics politics/ current affairs politics/news pr pr in ireland presentation print privacy process programming progressive democrats psychology public relations puppy pure uninhibited narcissism. quake quotes radio rambles ramblings random random thoughts rant real lifeÖ real news recipe red mum religion republic of ireland restaurant review reviews rights rip-off ripoff ripoffireland royalty free rss rte rugby running san francisco satire school science scifi sci-fi channel scotland seaf=id search search & rescue search engine optimisation search engines search?q= &btni= search?q=tags&btni= security self-publishing semantic web semantic web and web technologies seo shitetalk shopping sidhbhra’s blogstation signage sinn fein skype soa soccer social social media social networks socialnetworks society software software development solar eclipse spam sponsorship sport sports ssia state structuredblogging stuff suburbs switch syndication syria systems psychodynamics tag tagging tags talk radio taxation tech techcamp techie :: techno :: technology technorati telecomms television testimonies the big meow the dragon king the legends, lives of the artists the web and usability things to do tips tom raftery tostal06 tourism training transportation travel truth tuppenceworth.ie tv ui uk uli edel uncategorized united states united states of america us usability veronica mars video video games visual studio express voip waffle wales war war on terror water sports weather web web 2.0 web design we
b development
web development in .net – advanced web development in .net – beginner web/tech web2.0 web20 web2ireland weblog weblogs website websites weird weirdness when-in-ireland wifi windows windows xp wizard wordpress work world xml yachting yahoo

How to Ping Planet Journals

I’m happy to say that our Planet Journals aggregator now pings successfully; previously when a ping was received the aggregator would begin immediately in the foreground and would thereby be delayed in sending a successful notification to proxies or blog platforms until aggregation was complete. Now the aggregation is performed in the background, and you’ll see the results almost instantly on planet.journals.ie. Thanks to Keith Gaughan for pointing out the problem, and to Martin Feeney for explaining the solution; it was then a simple matter of implementing it!

You can just add http://planet.journals.ie/xml-rpc.php to your list of ping servers in your blogging platform (e.g. in WordPress, it’s under Options > Writing > Update Services). Alternatively, if your blog system doesn’t support pinging (e.g. Blogger), you can use Keith Gaughan’s Irish Ping Proxy.

Old Style Back at Planet Journals.ie

I’m happy to say that the old style has returned at Planet Journals.ie, but with a few enhancements. “More information on this post” will show details of what blog the post is from, along with any details of any blogs and posts linking back to that blog…

Unfortunately there still seems to be some problems with our XML-RPC interface, but Martin will be looking into this soon. Our log file shows that updates are happening, but the Irish Ping Proxy maintainer (Keith Gaughan) reports some problems with timeouts which we hope to sort out very shortly.

What's New at Planet Journals.ie?

As you may know, Planet of the Blogs rebranded as Planet Journals.ie on its first birthday (1st April 2006).

Since then, we’ve upgraded MySQL from 4.0 to 4.1 to allow for nested queries (hence the downtime during the week while we dumped, upgraded MySQL and reimported the database), and we are now using the latest version of the Planet PHP aggregator by chregu.

Some of the nifty new features on the site include:

  • Top Talk, a nice little search option which shows all recent blog posts linking to the top linked URLs from the past 7 days
  • The aforementioned top 7 links from blogs
  • Top tags from the past 3 days
  • Browsing by tags (at last!)
  • More information on blogs (will have a facility for language detection, geographic locations, and website thumbnails soon)
  • What blog entries link to the current blog
  • Advanced search (by tag, link, etc.) and combined searches (see our search options page for more)
  • Feeds of not only tags (as provided in WordPress) but also of searches, e.g. the
    Galway tag in RSS
    and a government search in Atom (just prepend the URL with atom, rss or rdf)

Of course, there are still some things to fix: allow an “old style” view of the site, check the XML-RPC ping mechanism (I think it works!), re-add the clickthrough counter, etc. At first, I wasn’t sure about not being able to see the post content without clicking on the + symbols, but it does give a good overview of who is posting what, when, and who follows on from who very quickly. I still think it would be nice to have both view styles available, so will look at that next…