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Blogging and DJing: Perhaps I Shouldn't Multitask…

Those of you who know me may have heard I do a radio show on our college radio station (Flirt FM). I’m on now actually, 9 to 11 PM, blogging and DJing at the same time – but I can’t multitask very well, so while I type, things could go very, very wrong (dead air is a no-no). [Oh shoot, I’ve just seen a mouse in the studio corridor, at least I hope it was a mouse… /me tucks in trouser legs into socks and runs…]

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Ambient Zone Podcasts

I’ve created a podcasts section on my Ambient Zone site.

I hope to add many podcasts there from the electronica show on Galway’s Flirt FM. As I don’t know yet how to make the site “podsafe”, I’ve decided to try and only use freely-available music (i.e. royalty free) on shows that will be made public in this podcasts section.

To start off with, I’m doing a special featuring music from the online record label (or “netlabel”) Monotonik. Enjoy!

Transcript of Anna Livia FM Interview

Steve has put up an MP3 of my boards.ie interview on Anna Livia FM, and for those who can’t be bothered downloading and listening, here’s the transcript.

Joanna: Now, we’re just gonna have a quick chat with John Breslin who was one of the founders of boards.ie, which is one of Ireland’s largest discussion boards. Good morning John?

John: Good morning Joanna.

Joanna: How are you?

John: Not too bad now.

Joanna: Good stuff. Em, how did you come up with the… Ah, how did you start Boards?

John: Well, Boards kind of came about from a very small community of, am, computer gamers, that em, I set up in 1998, and basically the idea was that we had this gaming, eh, website, and we wanted to add a discussion forum to it. So we had about 50 members or so at that time…

Daniel: Yeah.

John: …and, am, it kind of grew from there.

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