Testing the Slingbox (2)

I blogged yesterday about testing the Slingbox; today I saw the TiVo in operation via the Slingbox – even cooler! Not only can you watch your live TV, but you can set stuff to record and watch it later. Screenshots below, showing the TiVo remote control via a Slingbox (that’s Tim Robbins waving a shotgun at Tom Cruise on HBO) and the “Now Playing List”.


3 thoughts on “Testing the Slingbox (2)”

  1. That looks like the DirecTV tivo box you had in control of there, kinda like Sky .
    Does he have the setting on high for you or on low for basic broadband?
    It does look very pixelated.

  2. There is indeed, Gareth. Im hoping to try this out using my digiweb service which has 1mb upload. Hopefully that would have a greater improvement of picture. I’m not sure what upload John’s friend would of had, but I assume it would be around the normal DSL rates we have here. After Saturday nights beers I shall be heading to Blanch to pick one up. 🙂

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