Selling a bunch of interesting Irish / general domains…

It’s spring cleaning time, so I’m selling the following domains at Sedo:


Anime, J-Pop

Blogs, Social



Irish Cities




12 thoughts on “Selling a bunch of interesting Irish / general domains…”

  1. Yeah – was of minor interest to me, but the price is unreal – even half that is a hell of a lot (to me anyway)

  2. The is high because I had three people e-mailing me about it fairly recently – but feel free to send lower offers to clouddomains at gmail dot com.

    Edit: BTW there’s a design that comes with this:

  3. Could you please give my the e-mail adres of any “Belfast” newspaper
    Thank you very much
    Bill S.

  4. A domain costs $10. Anyone selling domains higher than this is a rip off domain warehousing outfit. Thanks to people like this .eu tld has failed.

  5. Only two being sold so far ( and so all others are still available…

    You can bid at 1/2 the price on Sedo…

    In response to D, yes, you can still buy good domains for $10. Just use your imagination and you can still come up with something memorable. I used my imagination to purchase the above, and have paid similar sums for domains I wanted, so have no qualms.

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