Wink social network search engine

Wink looks nice, kind of like Bigulo but for multiple OSNs. See it in action at, and here’s the “about” blurb:

Wink is a people search engine. We specifically target our search engine to find individual people who are active web and social network users. We search the public profiles on MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, and other sources. We’re adding more and more networks all the time and are developing new technology to find even more people in a variety of cool ways. We also use our PeopleRank technology that takes direct input about our search results from users and refines it to deliver the results that people think are the best. Wink People Search lets you find people by name, location, school, work, and interest anywhere on the web.

2 thoughts on “Wink social network search engine”

  1. im trying to get bebo at school but i cant wich search engin aint blocike bebo from schools? because i have bebo but i cant use the computer at home cause my step dad takes his laptop to work 24-7 pleas help!!!

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