– create and share tags across your online communities

As mentioned in a previous blog post, has just launched. The main objective of is to demonstrate how Semantic Web and Web 2.0 technologies can be combined to provide better metadata creation and sharing support across various online communities.

With, you can save, tag and bookmark your own as well as other people’s tag clouds, as represented using the SCOT ontology. The tag meta search also allows you to look for similar patterns of tagging from other people based on their interests (as expressed using tags).

Some functionalities of include:

  • Various options for tag searching, such as and (&), or (space), co-occurrence (+), broader (>), and narrower (< )
  • User searching
  • Resource searching
  • Integrating tagged data across communities
  • Meta tagging
  • Ontology bookmarking
  • Sharing metadata produced using the FOAF, SIOC, and SCOT ontologies

You can try it at out at Here are some video demos of in action, and some more videos are forthcoming:



2 thoughts on “ – create and share tags across your online communities

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  2. I see someone renewed for
    a few years, is that to help with search engine optimisation?
    Shared on StumbleUpon, it will be useful to people over there

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