events: now with Google Maps and sign-up lists / Net Visionary Awards

Vote in the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2007 Firstly, thank you to all our beta testers to date. The site has been nominated in the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2007 for “Web Developer Excellence”! Voting is now open if you want to support us…

Secondly, I am happy to announce that’s event creation now incorporates Google Maps and sign-up functionality. You can view the screenshots below for examples of each.

20071005b.png20071005c.png aims to be a social networking service for Irish communities. On the site, you can create your own group around your community of interest, and you can then attach events, images and also blog entries to whatever group you form. If you need help with the site (since it is still quite new), please use our support forum or put issues, bugs and feature requests on our wiki. We are currently working on other features including the promised advanced social network browsing functionality and other custom user profile fields such as external RSS feeds.

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