At the International Semantic Web Conference in Busan

I arrived in Busan on Sunday evening for the 6th International Semantic Web Conference in Busan, Korea. Busan is a great big place with three million people; very impressive as you drive into the city from the airport.

Yesterday, I chaired the 2nd International ExpertFinder Workshop (or FEWS, “Finding Experts on the Web with Semantics”), where we had six interesting and varied papers. The workshop had about 35 attendees, and this bodes very well for future events. We also had a meeting about the ExpertFinder initiative for FOAF afterwards. Thanks to the ISWC 2007 Metadata Chairs Tom and Knud, metadata from FEWS is available here.

From DERI, NUI Galway, both Tudor et al. (“SALT: Weaving the Claim Web”) and Andreas et al. (“YARS2: A Federated Repository for Querying Graph Structured Data from the Web”) have been nominated for the best student paper award. Best of luck to you! (With Hak-Lae et al., I also had a submission for the Semantic Web Challenge at the conference.)


Last night, members from DERI Galway and DERI Seoul had dinner at a famous local fish restaurant. Sebastian snapped some great pictures of our meal, and here’s a video of something wriggling that he and Andreas bravely ate…

Some more images from Busan: a lovely sea view from the Paradise Hotel and a city view from the other side, a Japanese-style Captain Kirk toilet, and maybe butter is good for your heart.

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