Fwd: Galway Linux installfest, Sat 17th Nov

Via Andrew Gallagher:

Galway LUG is organising a Linux installfest on Saturday 17th from 10am-noon in the DERI building, Lower Dangan (map). This is a chance for you to bring along your old laptop/desktop and give it new purpose in life! If you have thought about trying Linux, but haven’t yet summoned up the courage, here is your chance to get some hands-on help. We will have several experienced users on hand to help you select, install and configure your first Linux.

A word of warning: if you have data on your hard drive, please BACK IT UP before bringing your machine. Galway LUG and its volunteers cannot be held responsible for loss of data. It is your responsibility to have current backups.

See you there!

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1 thought on “Fwd: Galway Linux installfest, Sat 17th Nov

  1. Thanks for the reference, John!

    The installfest went very well. We had a good turnout of old and new faces, and much geeky enjoyment was had. The most popular distribution was Ubuntu (what a surprise), although there was some Mandriva and Debian action going on in the corner.

    Galway LUG’s next meeting is Wednesday 5th December from 8pm in DERI, and will provisionally include a keysigning party. All welcome!

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