tops BlueMetrix study of 38 Irish websites (via IIA and AMAS State of the Net)

From the latest IIA and AMAS State of the Net Issue 11:

Online Advertising

Online audience measurement in Ireland is dogged by a torrent of data. Some of it is irrelevant (such as hits on a website, which aren’t a true measure of online traffic) and little of it is directly comparable. This makes the job of media planners, the professionals who buy online advertising, a challenging one.

The arrival of a new mechanism to measure traffic on Irish websites is welcome, particularly as it offers a robust methodology and directly comparable data. The Internet Audience Measurement (IAM) is an initiative of Bluemetrix, the Irish company which measures online traffic in distant markets such as Japan and Scandinavia.

Its software was running on 38 Irish websites when the first tranche of data, on which our graph is based, was released in early November. Not all the big sites are signed up and some of those that are (such as and The Irish Times) did not have any stats available for the first monthly release.

But while, the top 10 table is limited in its scope, it enables like-for-like comparisons as the same measurement tool is used. This new measure will gain in importance over coming months, as more sites sign up and more data becomes available.

Source: Bluemetrix study of 38 Irish websites for October 2008 (


7 thoughts on “ tops BlueMetrix study of 38 Irish websites (via IIA and AMAS State of the Net)”

  1. I’m surprised boards doesn’t have a much higher page view. I’d say thats a shallow bell curve with lots of people hitting one or two pages to check up on a conversation their in and other tonnes of pages while browsing.

    Its great to see like for like comparision. Would love to see how the likes of would fare out in such a comparison.

  2. That’s great news for Word on the street is that is also part of Irelandmetrix, I think they will feature within the top three positions of this table for November traffic. Now all we need is for all websites in Ireland to take part, and the industry will finally have one, transparent, independent metric.

  3. It may have something to do with the number of posts per page – minimum view is 15 posts – max is 40 posts so “pages” are longer than most other sites.

  4. John, Excellent slides, very Dan Roam, I think I’ll take a leaf out of your book when giving my next talk. The drawn format makes the topic instantly more inviting and interesting. Well done! Hope all is well in Deri, Steve

  5. Unfortunately there are some major issues with this supposedly transparent, independent industry metric. First of all without all of the major media owners included it is not a complete representation of the market as whole. Secondly has anyone questioned Ireland Metrix and how they count the data, is it to the standards as set for the UK and Ireland by JICWEBS for the digital media industry?
    I mean unique visitors is not a recognised metric it should be unique users/browsers because it is not counting just people but devices???????

    I am not convinced!

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