More Feeds for Planet Of The Blogs

I’ve now added the and P45 blogs to POTB. I’m also amazed by all the coverage (Trust the Common Voice, POTB on Phones, PlanetOfTheBlogs Kicking IrishBlogs’ Ass, etc.) and linkage the site is getting.

My main worry is that if too many blogs are added, and the entries table keeps growing at this rate (currently at 4000 blog posts), then the current method used for full-text searching will become too slow – but that can be easily fixed. Also, the blogroll on the right is getting unwieldy! Needs smaller font…

I’ve turned off server-side caching at the moment, but I will have to turn this back on to reduce the number of database queries, then at each aggregation clear the cache so that pages can be refreshed. Currently, updates occur every two hours.


3 thoughts on “More Feeds for Planet Of The Blogs”

  1. Maybe you could limit the blogroll to 50 blogs which are pulled randomly from the database and then have a link people can click to get the full list of blogs?

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