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I went along to the MetaFilter event at the House of Shields last night. I must admit to being a newbie to the world of MetaFilter, but I had read about them in this month’s Web Designer magazine during my flight here – there was an article on “Creating a Web Community” that mentioned the Ask MetaFilter support area – and I found out that they have similar size userbase to our own, so I thought I’d pop along and do some learning.

As it happened, I was sitting right beside MetaFilter creator Matt Haughey towards the end of the event (without knowing who he was), to whom I innocently (or ignorantly!) introduced myself just before he had to leave for his flight back to Oregon.

Met some other interesting people there, including Jasmeet, Merlin, Quasistoic, Kafkaesque, Vacapinta, ikkyu2, jasper411, Bob, and some more who also went to the Flickr meetup…

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4 thoughts on “MetaFilter Event

  1. While they have comparable userbases MeFi has suffered/benefited from the fact that membership has been closed in the past and currently costs $5 I think? That has ensured that there is a high SNR which in some forums (AH) boards has struggled with as membership has gone up.

  2. We’ve toyed with the idea of closing off open / free registrations for too…

  3. I don’t think that a small registration fee is the worst idea at all. It’d be pretty cool if you could charge 5 EUR and get people to pay by CC or through SMS or something.

  4. It was nice meeting you too!

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