– It's All About You!

Launched this past week… I hope that it will act as a personalised area for communities and users of It runs vBDrupal and shares our existing member registration system. Also, I’ll soon be able to adapt my SIOC Drupal plugin for it. There are two main thrusts to the site:

  • Community Portals: In this section, moderators can create articles about their communities on
  • User Blogs / Topics: We have also enabled free blogging for registered users (with a reduced feature set compared to subscriber system).
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7 thoughts on “ – It's All About You!

  1. BTW if you want to enable your blog, just go to your user control panel and click on the “Group Membership” option to join the “Bloggers” group.

  2. Square play John – conquest for .ie domination is moving along nicely!

  3. John – is there anyway to use the “blog” link to point to a blog?

  4. Not really, I’ve a script to take either a WordPress blog for subscribers/moderators or a one for everyone else – and then for me I link to my blog – I could start letting people define their own URLs but I’m not sure if there should be any blogs outside 😉 😉

  5. Hmmmm.. I’ve ended up with a rather useless link to a blog I will never use … *sigh*

  6. The world is full of useless things, but we can learn to ignore them.

  7. im watching you still

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