"Enriching the Internet Experience" conference yesterday…

Had a very interesting and I think productive two days at the Fidelity Investments / TerraNua / Information Technology Association of Galway (ITAG) conference on “Enriching the Internet Experience” here in Galway.

The conference was chaired by Dr. Chris Horn, and the speakers were yours truly, talking about social networking and Web 2.0 for enterprise, Ajit Jaokar, the CEO of FutureText who spoke about Mobile Web 2.0 (he is the foremost authority and author of a book on the subject), David Burden, founder of Daden Limited and an expert on virtual worlds for e-business, and Richard Mooney, product manager for Vordel Ireland who presented on the topic of security for Web 2.0 sites and applications.

I am embedding my slides below (also viewable on SlideShare).

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