Blogging and DJing: Perhaps I Shouldn't Multitask…

Those of you who know me may have heard I do a radio show on our college radio station (Flirt FM). I’m on now actually, 9 to 11 PM, blogging and DJing at the same time – but I can’t multitask very well, so while I type, things could go very, very wrong (dead air is a no-no). [Oh shoot, I’ve just seen a mouse in the studio corridor, at least I hope it was a mouse… /me tucks in trouser legs into socks and runs…]

Tonight’s playlist is already online (I try to be super-hyper-organised now and again, uploading iTunes XML playlists to the Ambient Zone site before my show begins), and of course we are streaming away at as usual…

However, I fear the end may be nigh… So many things to do, so little time, and I think I will have to end my long-running show when the summer schedule begins. But I’ve given it a good shot: the Ambient Zone started 10 years ago in 1997, went on hiatus for a year and has been ongoing since 1999. And in the future, who knows, there are always podcasts 😀

One thought on “Blogging and DJing: Perhaps I Shouldn't Multitask…”

  1. We have mice, and It’ll be a pitty if you don’t have a show anymore John. Send me an email if you’d ever like to come on my show – as a guest DJ 🙂


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