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David Price ( visits DERI

We had a presentation at DERI today from David Price, one of the people behind the argumentation visualisation site Debategraph. Since modelling and visualising argumentative discussions is something that we have wanted to do in DERI with SIOC for some time, this talk was very interesting to us.

The goal of Debategraph is “to make the best arguments on all sides of any debate freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all”. It’s a really nicely designed tool considering it is the work of just two people over the past few years, and was tested by Downing Street on their website last year following a speech by Tony Blair. The maps can be embedded into blogs posts, which is a useful feature. David pointed to some related work from Walton on argumentative schemes and also from Stanford’s Robert Horn.

iPodLinux, iDoom, Videos / Unwanted Scratches on iPod nano

I was showing off my iPod nano (won at the Simile ISWC 2005 semantic bank competition) at the Cork geek bloggers’ dinner recently: just got iDoom working yesterday (thanks for the link to it Brendan!) and was watching videos on it today after installing the latest kernel from iPodLinux. The video functionality is pretty nifty (but requires large AVI files because it is uncompressed); was playing the Superman Returns teaser trailer and the latest episode of the Simpsons (very watchable).

However, I have my first iPod nano screen scratch; I popped the nano out of its protective Jelly Belly box and was less than happy to see a small mark right in the middle of the screen. Hopefully the shop will take it back (I managed to retrieve the receipt, thanks Brian!).

IQ2CL Cheating Scandal

I was away for the final GI game last night (06/06/99) against LSD, so since I have _the power_, I decided to check in to the server this morning and see if the score was recorded in the server logs. Doing a search for LSD, I came across this snippet on Q2WAR2…

[HIV]CastorTroy entered the game (clients = 8)
[DzR]Spoonman: kwq2dm1
[HIV]CastorTroy: sher
[DF]Pebble: conor name a few levels to try out
[LsD]KinDreD: el
[HIV]CastorTroy: wheres the rest of LSD or your match?
[LsD]KinDreD: what CT
[HIV]CastorTroy: your game in the iq2cl
[LsD]KinDreD: gone back to reality
[DF]Pebble: here, i'll play for lsd tonight
[HIV]CastorTroy: vs GI at 8.30
[LsD]KinDreD: o rite
[HIV]CastorTroy: i.e. now
[LsD]KinDreD: o shite
[HIV]CastorTroy: come on
[HIV]CastorTroy disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD: ffs
[LsD]KinDreD: here someone pretend to be in lsd
[LsD]KinDreD: eamo
[LsD]KinDreD: krash
[DF]KrAsH: meee
[LsD]KinDreD: aye
[LsD]KinDreD: whats the addy?
[DF]KrAsH: ive got no df game tonight
[DF]Pebble is now known as [LSD]HeadCase.
[LSD]HeadCase: this ok?
[LsD]KinDreD: aye
[LsD]KinDreD: whats the addy
[LsD]KinDreD: ?
[LsD]KinDreD: lds?
[LsD]KinDreD: lads
[DF]KrAsH: ahh youre such a quad ho
[DzR]Spoonman: stay away from that lift :)
[DF]KrAsH: ahh its very nature calls me towards it
[DzR]Spoonman: I know
[LsD]KinDreD: lads war1
[LsD]KinDreD: put on lsd tags
[LsD]KinDreD: krash
[LSD]HeadCase disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD: come on
[DF]KrAsH: whee?
[LsD]KinDreD: war1
[LsD]KinDreD: plz
[DF]KrAsH: k
[LsD]KinDreD: change your nick
[DF]KrAsH is now known as [LsD]Gomez.
[LsD]KinDreD: goo laa
[LsD]KinDreD: yea good stuff
[LsD]Gomez disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD disconnected
Ripper: where they all go?
[DzR]Spoonman: gone to play for lsd

I think the IQ2CL1 server was down, so LSD moved on to play their GI game on Q2WAR1.

[LSD]HeadCase entered the game (clients = 3)
[LsD]Gomez entered the game (clients = 4)
[LsD]Gomez: eloha mes sinoritas
[LSD]HeadCase: lo lads
[HIV]CastorTroy: lo
[DzR]Shank: lo
[LsD]KinDreD entered the game (clients = 5)
[LsD]KinDreD: sorry lads i missed the bus
[LsD]KinDreD: wheres GI?
[LsD]KinDreD: connecting to dublin brb
[DzR]Shank: i'll get em
[LsD]Gomez: i smell a defualt win
[LsD]KinDreD: get rid of the other kindred ct
[HIV]CastorTroy: ?
[LsD]KinDreD: a ghost
[LsD]Gomez: ooo GI are shite arent they
[HIV]CastorTroy: cant,m no admin on thsi server
[LsD]Gomez: should be fun
[LSD]HeadCase: railgun
[LSD]HeadCase: rg/ps
Euclid: lo
Euclid: oooh its working
[LsD]Gomez: aight mo nigga
[LSD]HeadCase: okey dokey
Euclid: omguh
[HIV]CastorTroy: lads change the skins there
Euclid: playable ping
[LsD]KinDreD: hello timmy tea cups
Euclid: ah 350 back to normal :]
Euclid: y0
Euclid: i lub my p1ng
GI-Lemon Head: hehehe
[LsD]KinDreD: the skins ok ct?
[HIV]CastorTroy: change em Sher
[LsD]KinDreD: im not cap
[LsD]KinDreD: awwrite?
[LsD]KinDreD: GI only have 2?
[HIV]CastorTroy: aye, Euclid change yr teamskin to
[HIV]CastorTroy: male/iq2clred
Euclid: heh
[LSD]HeadCase: vonor you admining?
[LSD]HeadCase: conor
Euclid: LAG FFS
[HIV]CastorTroy: after a fashion, i have no fookin admin
[HIV]CastorTroy: password
GI-Lemon Head: tim : do set cl_maxfps 31
[HIV]CastorTroy: is this all thats comin then?
[LSD]HeadCase: lag is pissy
Euclid: yeah i guess
GI-Euclid: heh
[LsD]KinDreD: all for lsd anyway
[LsD]Gomez: u need 3 per side yeh ? so we get an official
[LsD]Gomez: win rite
[HIV]CastorTroy: off yis go then, ready up
[LsD]KinDreD: nah we'll play
[LsD]KinDreD: fuck it like
[LSD]HeadCase: ssdm_dump
GI-Lemon Head: oooh this will be fun
[LsD]KinDreD: GL
GI-Euclid: lol
GI-Euclid: :)
[LsD]Gomez: wtf
[LsD]Gomez: dont tell me i dont have the skins
[LsD]Gomez: ahhh shite
[LsD]KinDreD: haha
GI-Euclid: heheheheheh
[LsD]Gomez: i swore i had them
GI-Euclid: LOL
GI-Euclid: LOL
[LsD]Gomez: o crap i really need these skins
[HIV]CastorTroy: go and dl them from the site then
[HIV]CastorTroy: its 25k
GI-Euclid: lol
GI-Euclid: mon hyoose
GI-Lemon Head: :)
GI-Euclid: i lub j00
GI-Lemon Head: i wub ooo too
[LsD]Gomez: was it that funny ya stinkin ho
GI-Euclid: heheheheh
[LsD]Gomez: oooo
[LsD]KinDreD: wah
[LsD]Gomez: ok i downloaded the skins
[LsD]Gomez: ahh who killed me 8 times
[LsD]Gomez: ya stinkin ho's
GI-Euclid: lol
[LsD]Gomez: i gotto reconnect huney bunnys be right back
[DF]KrAsH: yo
[DF]KrAsH: ahh games going on
[LsD]KinDreD: abc
[HIV]CastorTroy: ye
GI-Euclid: LOL
GI-Euclid: LOL
[LsD]KinDreD: gey
GI-Euclid: lol
[DF]KrAsH: loha mes compadres
[LsD]Gomez: right i managed to exec the fuckin cfg this time
[LsD]KinDreD: lol
[LsD]Gomez: :)
GI-Euclid: gi 0wn j00 wiv dayer 350 pingz :)
GI-Lemon Head: lol
GI-Euclid: heheh
GI-Euclid: NO
[LsD]KinDreD: haha
GI-Euclid: :R)
GI-Lemon Head: oh dear
[LsD]KinDreD: weee
[LsD]Gomez: where are these stankin foo's
GI-Lemon Head: wtf
GI-Euclid: (etc.)
[LsD]KinDreD: im going to shoot your daddy
GI-Euclid: i'm gonna EAT your daddy
[LsD]KinDreD: good
[LsD]Gomez: ahhhh
GI-Euclid: j00 sm3ll
GI-Lemon Head: gay bfg gay
[LsD]KinDreD: yes
[LsD]Gomez: stankin ho's
GI-Euclid: so when is ireland finally gonna get a decent
GI-Euclid: set of conenctions to the rest of the world? :]
[LsD]Gomez: when u shutup foo
[LsD]KinDreD: lol
[LsD]KinDreD: ah
GI-Euclid: hyoose: is is treally shitty conenct for u too?
GI-Lemon Head: 400 ping in fights
GI-Lemon Head: 328 noww
[LsD]Gomez: dont cry about it
GI-Euclid: waaaah
GI-Lemon Head: im not
[LsD]KinDreD: iam
[LsD]KinDreD: ;(
[LsD]Gomez: lol
[LsD]KinDreD: im lagged to fuck to
GI-Euclid: heheheh
[LsD]KinDreD: he used the railgun ffs
[LsD]Gomez: u dirty stkankin ho's
[LsD]KinDreD: {!}
GI-Lemon Head: 0wned :)
GI-Euclid: seriously now,we would 0wn j00 on a real server :)

A wins, 44 to 23.
Map: q2dm8

Team A (44 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 [LsD]KinDreD  16   16    0   7   0     9     2.29
 [LSD]HeadCas  14   14    0   8   0     6     1.75
 [LsD]Gomez    11   11    0   4   0     7     2.75
 [LsD]Gomez     3    4    0   8   1    -5     0.44

Team B (23 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 GI-Euclid     15   17    0  26   2   -11     0.61
 GI-Lemon Hea   8   10    0  19   2   -11     0.48

So what should be done? I’m not sure that Pebble / WhiteWashMan has even played for DF in the IQ2CL, but nonetheless this last minute player addition or clan swapping just isn’t on. KrAsH, on the other hand, has played for DF, and the league rules are quite clear on this:

You can only play for one clan in the league i.e. no switching from A to B squad if your clan has them.

I’m sure that if we started pulling in new members from some other clan to make a full team, we’d stomp on the opposition too. GI have always believed in playing by the rules, undermanned or fullymanned, but with our own players only. Two words to DF and LSD clan members (KinDreD take note) – cheating sucks. Statistics

Here’s my last batch of IRC statistics for now, hopefully someone else will take over the job for the summer!

available from the main statistics directory.

My Last GI Clan Game?

GI had another loss in the IQ2CL last night (30/05/99) against one of the premier UK clans, EED, on q2dm6. Bad connections meant that Euclid and Lemon Head couldn’t play, so we could only field a team of two (Pooh and myself) against EED’s four man squad.

EED wins, 109 to 1.
Map: q2dm6

Team GI (1 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 GI-CloudWarr   1    8    0  53   7   -52     0.13
 Poohmeister    0    8    0  58   8   -58     0.12
 Euclid         0    0    0   5   0    -5     0.00
 Euclid         0    0    0   4   0    -4     0.00

Team EED (109 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 [EED]LesBub   64   64    0   1   0    63    64.00
 [EED]Lurker   28   30    0   7   2    21     3.33
 [EED]MeatBal  10   17    0   6   7     4     1.31
 [EED]Cavalie   7    9    0   2   2     5     2.25

What possessed us to enter our “inexperienced” GI team in the IQ2CL?! After the collapse of the IQCL, I thought it would be a good idea to support the only remaining Irish Quake league (even if it was the heathen Quake 2!) and we put down GI for the IQ2CL. Overall, the league has been very well organised, and our main problem has been a lack of players and good connections to the server 😦

Unfortunately, this could well be my last clan game for GI as I’ll be away for our final IQ2CL match against LSD on q2dm7 next weekend (06/06/99). As well as that, things are in a state of disarray at the moment with some GIs moving over to Quake 3 Test, and other Q1 diehards like myself sticking with the fast pace of QuakeWorld.

The future looks uncertain, I won’t be discarding my GI initials, but I can’t see myself playing in (m)any more clan games for the time being…

Date Opponents Level Score Type Status
30/05/99 Eat Electric Death q2dm6 109 (EED)
1 (GI)
IQ2CL Loss
16/05/99 Dark Forces q2dm4 60 (DF)
7 (GI)
IQ2CL Loss
02/05/99 Hot Internet Virgins q2dm2 119 (HIV)
22 (GI)
IQ2CL Loss
25/04/99 DoozeR q2dm1 132 (DzR)
50 (GI)
IQ2CL Loss

IGN Server Status

Here’s the current list of IGN gaming servers, not including our bnetd test server on 27015 - HL TFC 1    0 of 16 27016 - HL TFC 2    0 of 16 28001 - Tribes 1    0 of 16 28002 - Tribes 2    0 of 16 27910 - IQ2CL 1   0 of 12 27910 - Q2 War 1  0 of 12 27911 - Q2 War 2  0 of 12 27960 - Q3 Test 1 0 of  8 27961 - Q3 Test 2 0 of  8

IGN Half-Life Servers

Testing out two HL servers on my machine at (FFA) and 27016 (TFC). I’d see you there, but I don’t have the full game (you can download the server version for free!).

IQ2CL Default Win

After getting a team together for our q2dm5 IQ2CL game on Sunday (23/05/99), our opponents TUK didn’t show so we got a default win! Not sure if I should be happy or sad…

IQ2CL Losses for GI

It’s been a tough few weeks for GI in the IQ2CL. We’ve lost all three of our games so far, which I guess could be put down to a lack of practice for (and knowledge of, in my case!) the Quake 2 levels involved.

First loss was to DzR on q2dm1 (25/04/99), losing 132 to 50, the second was to HIV on q2dm2 (02/05/99), losing 119 to 22, and last week’s (16/05/99) scores are shown below.

DF wins, 60 to 7.
Map: q2dm4

Team GI (7 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 GICloud-Warr   7    8    0  31   1   -24     0.25
 GItoil         0    3    0  30   3   -30     0.09
 Euclid         0    0    0   1   0    -1     0.00

Team DF (60 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 [DF]GlassMan  22   22    0   4   0    18     5.50
 [DF]The Bra!  20   22    0   3   2    17     4.40
 [DF]Maximili  18   18    0   4   0    14     4.50

We’ve also had poor numbers for the games so far, with terrible connections to the UK causing the majority of our problems. New member Lemon Head has been playing a stormer though, and he’s also written us a handy set of drop weapon / ammo binds.

Quake 3 Test vs. IHV

I’ve been running two Q3Test servers at on ports 27960 and 27961. These should be moving to in the next week or so as they fill up very quickly. Here’s a shot of a Q3Test scores listing.

It’s certainly a big improvement over the Q3IHV which was leaked earlier on in the year (check out this shot of Ireland/Cloud’s first Quake 3 frag). I like the way it shows your placing along the way (DeVore gets his revenge with the rail gun and takes second place), and also the way it tells you what player you’re looking at (a rarely used but very handy option which originally appeared in Q2). Here are some shots of an early attempt by someone to convert Q1’s dm6 to the Q3 map format (1, 2, 3, 4). Travels

It’s been a busy month or two for the national Irish Quake team. Following on from their recent trip to France where they battled well against an experienced French Quake team (Ireland lost the team games, but won the one on one or “duel” matches), the team journeyed to Northern Ireland on 27 March for the “Lan Meat Se7en” event. (featuring some members from their B squad) played their NI counterparts over three levels, and won all three. Fun was had by all and a proposed rematch was mentioned for this year’s QuakaPalooza LAN in Dublin (, Lan Meat).

Quake 3 Latest

The end-of-the-month release of q3test (assuming they stick with the naming convention of its predecessors q2test and qtest!) has been postponed due to some last minute issues. It now looks like the beta version will not be released until the middle to the end of April.

The WDT (World Deathmatch Tournament) organisers have also announced that the tourney will be played using Quake 3 Arena only, much to the dissappointment of Quake and Quake 2 diehards who feel their existing skills will be lost in the “new” game (Quake 3 Arena, WDT).

QuakeWorld VWep

QuakeWorld players can now enjoy the ability to see what weapon their opponents are holding thanks to a new add-on for Quake called VWep (Visible Weapons). This nifty little feature has been available in Quake 2 for some time, but was not available for Quake until now. This adds another level of strategy to the game since you can now act as a thief of sorts, picking the player who has the nicest gun that you want (assuming he doesn’t get you with it first!).

The release of VWep totally overshadowed the QuakeWorld 2.34 update, largely ignored by the Quake community in any case due to its restriction on team messages and warnings via proxies (VWep, QuakeWorld).

Community Moves to New IRC Server

After a happy two years on the IOL IRC server, the Irish Quake community has moved to a new server ( connected to Europe’s largest IRC gaming network, QuakeNet. QuakeNet comprises of IRC servers from a number of countries: Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The number of active users on the network ranges from 1500 during the day to over 3000 at night.

Irish players can usually be found in the channel on The move was encouraged to allow more international games (and player inter-clan transfers!) to take place (, QuakeNet).

Cloud Boards Grow

The Cloud Boards have expanded yet again. From a humble beginning as Ireland’s main Quake discussion area, new boards for the Irish Tribes, StarCraft and online RPG communities were recently commisioned.

Now the boards feature many other entertainment and technology forums (Cloud Boards).

IGN Test Half-Life Server

The Irish Games Network have recently started testing a Half-Life multiplayer server at (on the default port 27015). This server is currenly limited to ten players at any one time (IGN).

IGN’s Tribes Server

Tribes has really taken off in Ireland with the first Irish Tribes server getting busier every night! Although the game has not been officially released in the country as of yet (expected European release date is in April), players have been buying the game from friends in the US or from suppliers over the internet to keep up with the latest 3-D online gaming sensation where the action of Quake meets the strategy of Command and Conquer.

If you have Tribes, just look for the IGN entry in the server listing. Or you can connect directly from the Tribes console (press backquote to enter and leave this console) by typing connect(“”); and pressing return. The game format can be voted on by players (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Capture and Hold, Defend and Destroy, etc.) currently active on the server.

VWep with SeP

An interesting photo shoot took place on this morning with photographer SeP and QuakeWorld’s new VWep model, Cloud-Schiffer. If you’re interested in getting this exclusive new evening wear for yourself, you can order it now from our new online catalogue at and hang it in your very own “quakevwep” wardrobe (check out vwep.txt in the file for more details).

Here’s what Quta][Pionir has to say about it on the UK Quake mailing list.

Enable that new Vweap patch! You don’t drop packs, you drop the weapon you are holding (although it will contain other ammo like a pack would), so everyone still see you switching to whatever weapon and dropping shotguns. You won’t stop the dropping of shotguns, but you’ll know not to guard them for teammates, and you’ll know the opposition are using scripts. It’ll mean that naming and shaming list is no longer required as players can see for themselves.

Spud's Last Day

Thanks to all who showed up for Spud’s testimonial last night. We had a great turn out from Spud’s former clans GI, CP and Moo. On IRC we had a special guest from Stanford, Poor_Monkey… Spud was really chuffed to see him too! Some of the other people who turned up to say hello yesterday included DC-Carnage, DC-MNK, DC-Nightwing (had to go off :/), CP-Lucifer, Granny-Moo, ^Spud-Moo, WHA-Bunny, SPG-Baggins and SPG-Toast. Thanks also to Hakeem for providing us with the SK practice server at the last minute to play on.

We started off a series of three games on death32a, with the Spud team (GI-Spud, CP-Nitric, CP-Scary and Headache-Moo) versus the Cloud team (GI-Cloud, CP-Strider, INC-Mickah and WHA-Koopa). I let in Mouserat towards the end, but he changed teams by accident (my ALT key runs my autoexec.cfg) and his QWCL crashed and burned. I think we won by between 5 and 10 frags. There was some brutal packetloss, I don’t know how he did it but Headache came near the top of the frags list even though he had 30 to 50% PL at times.

Our second game was on old favourite ukcldm2, with a slightly larger team of Spud, Stitchface, Nitric, Scary and Headache (replaced by MerIDiaN and Poohmeister) taking on Cloud, Mouserat, Koopa, Alan and Strider. Final score in this game was 153 (Spud) to 125 (Cloud). I ruled at the YA 🙂 “Stitchface” was fairly handy too.

Last game on e1m2 was the closest, wha’? Spud, Nitric and MerIDiaN against Cloud, Mouserat and Strider. This was fun, I can’t remember how many times the word “draw” appeared on the screen, but Spud’s team narrowly beat us by 2 frags at the end. So Spud’s team won by 2 games to 1. No, we didn’t _let_ him win!

Anyway, on behalf of GI, I would like to say thanks to Spud for being a great opponent and teammate over the past year or two, hopefully this won’t be the end of his Quake career and he’ll be back to us when he gets that ADSL 🙂 Take it easy Andy.